Vegan Crossword Puzzle: Stuff With Protein In

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I love colouring!

Just to let you know, the second editions of Honestly Books¬†Learning With Crayons series of colouring books (Colour By Nutrients and Colour By History¬†by August Bassett and Amy Fibbitts) have just come out and they are now much better value for money, priced at ¬£3.50 and ¬£2.80 respectively ūüėÄ

Colour By Nutrients explains why we need various vitamins and minerals and includes ink drawings of fruit and vegetables which provide them. ¬†So, not only is it relaxing and fun to colour in the pictures, it’s also educational and you’ll have a very useful kitchen reference book at the end of it ūüėÄ

Colour By History is full of drawings of nice people from history to colour in (most of whom were veg*n) with a brief bio of them on the facing page including quotes and achievements. ¬†Sources are listed at the bottom of the page so that you can find out more if you wish. ¬†It really is fascinating and inspiring stuff. ¬†A lovely read which renews your faith in humanity (well, some of it anyway ūüėČ ). ¬†Learn about good people from history while colouring in their faces ūüėÄ

For more details go to or click the links above to find them on Amazon ūüôā


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I wrote a book

vegan Christmas book

I wrote a book about some birds,

With pictures in and also words.

Brother birds who love each other,

And want to be free together.


The birds are turkeys, big and fat,

The farmer makes them fat like that.

He makes them fat to kill and eat,

For those who think they are just meat.


But they are not, they’re meant for more,

Christmas dinner’s not what they’re for.

They’re clever and they think and care,

They suffer too and that’s not fair.


So when I saw some library books

In which a family smiles and cooks

A big fat bird to celebrate

The Prince of Peace born on that date, …


I decided to put my book

On that shelf in the library nook.

A child might find it and read it and see

Turkeys deserve to be happy and free.



There are so many books in libraries that perpetuate the illusion of the witch’s spell. ¬†Whether they be fiction or non-fiction, they tell children, at the most impressionable¬† time of their lives, that some animals are “farm animals” and as such are there to serve our ‘needs’; that we ‘need’ meat and dairy and fish; that our health is dependent on these things; that animals are happy on farms and rearing animals to kill them is the most normal, natural thing in the world. ¬†It’s no wonder it’s an uphill struggle for those of us trying to share the truth:

  1.  Animal farming is extremely cruel,
  2. Eating animal products is detrimental to our health
  3. Animal agriculture is by far the biggest cause of global warming, rainforest destruction and ocean deadzones.
  4. Going vegan is the only way to save the world.

Years ago I purchased a new copy of a Ruby Roth book and donated it to my local library.  It never made it to the shelves of that or any other library in the county.  They refused to include it.   They rejected it.

Adults don’t listen. ¬†Children might ūüėČ

NB: If you photocopy an insert from a different county library than the one you’re infiltrating, maybe with the word DISCARDED stamped on it, img199and a child finds and likes the book and wants to take it home, one of two things is likely to happen:

  1. ¬†The child puts the book, perhaps with a pile of other books, onto the automated check out machine and doesn’t notice the illegitimate book hasn’t registered on the system. ¬†They simply bag it and take it home.


2. ¬†The child does notice the book hasn’t registered and takes it to the librarian who looks at it and says, “oh, this has been returned here by mistake, you can keep it”.

And just keep doing it, different books, different libraries, all with a positive vegan message that tells children they are right to follow their instinctive, compassionate natures and love all animals, not eat them. ¬†Most grown-ups are too stuck in their ways; too brainwashed. ¬†Communicating directly with children is the only way we’re going to change anything.

Go on, be a rebel – it’s kinda fun ūüėČ


Food Wordsearch

food wordsearch

Search for the following food items and draw a line through them – they might be forwards, backwards, vertical, upside down or diagonal. ¬†And you don’t have to print it out if you don’t want to – just click on the pic, then right click and save it to your computer, then open it in ‘paint’, or whatever picture editing program you’ve got, and you can draw the lines on there ūüôā







Keeping warm with odds and ends

handknit  hoodie

You may remember I have already knitted a hoodie like this out of leftover  and unravelled yarn but I gave that to Miranda so I needed another one.  And this one only took me 2 months to make, which is a record for me!

handknit hoodie

Whilst this one is not made of unravelled yarn, I didn’t buy any new stuff because it’s made completely of other people’s leftovers. ¬†Quite a few balls had been given to us of various colours and thicknesses, and I spent a couple of pounds at charity shops buying a mixture of odd balls, so it has cost me next to nothing and I’ve made something useful out of stuff that was being thrown out. ¬†Win-win ūüėÄ

handknit hoodie

Ooh, it’s so lovely and warm ūüėÄ

Here is the pattern if you’re interested, although it’s rather messed up so I don’t know if you’ll be able to make sense of it.

knitting pattern

knitting pattern

knitting pattern

I made mine really chunky by using 3 strands of DK (or whatever I had) so it came out bigger than the one on the pattern. ¬†Plus I made mine longer. ¬†So, with a pack-a-mac over the top on rainy days, I’ve got a homemade winter coat ūüôā

The pattern came from this book  Greetings from Knit Cafe by Suzan Mischer