Fruit Sudoku

fruit sudoku

I think sudokus are fun but someone I know hates maths so numbers make him panic and he just won’t try them.  I told him they have nothing to do with maths but he is adamant!

So I’ve made a fruit sudoku for those who, like him, are panicked by numbers.

For the uninitiated: the idea is to fill each box with one of each fruit while making sure that there is also one, and only one, of each in every vertical and horizontal line.

You don’t need to print this out.  Just copy/save the picture and open it on your computer in ‘Paint’ or similar picture editing program.  Then zoom so that you can see the whole thing on your screen and copy and paste fruits into the empty squares as you solve the puzzle.

Have some fruity fun 😀

44 thoughts on “Fruit Sudoku

  1. Oh gawd I think the 81 times table is easier xD
    It’s doing the 80 times tables but last digits are going on in 1, 2, 3, 4 etc
    Say I if you spotted it on the first time 😀


  2. I enjoyed it. Was more challenging than the numbers-sudoku.
    I will keep playing in the future.
    Thank you Violet and Thank you Miranda 🙂


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