Yummy Scrummy Crispy Cakes

I used to make crispy cakes which were absolutely scrumptious but really not good for my health because of all the syrup in the recipe.  So I thought, I wonder if I can make these gorgeous treats healthier by leaving out the syrup and substituting dates.  Turns out – you can!  I am therefore very excited to share with you my recipe for yummy, scrummy, chocolatey, nutritious crispy cakes.

Here’s what you’ll need:

what you will need

Gluten-free, sugar-free, organic corn flakes; nothing-added organic peanut butter; pitted dates, soaked over-night; and chocolate (this one does have sugar in it admittedly, but you could use organic raw sugar-free chocolate instead if you prefer, I just didn’t have any today)

First get your chocolate melting in a little pot over some hot water.

Drain the water off your soggy dates and bung them in the food processor.  Process them to a smooth, moist consistency and place them in a mixing bowl like so:

date mush

Then add a couple of generous tablespoons of peanut butter:

add peanut butter

Combine thoroughly with a fork and then add your melted chocolate and mix that in too:

add melted chocolate

When that’s all well combined, it’s time to mix in the corn flakes.  Add a few at a time and keep adding them until you can’t mix any more in (ie until the mixture is too dry to add more):

add corn flakes

When I’d added all the cornflakes my mixture could take, I tasted it and felt it could do with a little more sweetness.  So I added sultanas.  You suit yourself:

optional add sultanas

When you’re satisfied with your mixture, spoon it into some paper cake cases :

fill paper cases

And chill until ….. you want to eat them:





43 thoughts on “Yummy Scrummy Crispy Cakes

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  2. Yum is right. We make a dessert this end (all organic) with dry regular oatmeal, melted dark chocolate (at least 72 % from Trader Joes which has good choc at good prices), nuts, raisins or dried cranberries. Let it sit for the choc to harden and it’s like a yummy piece of candy. Very little goes a long way and it’s loaded with anti-oxidants. Thanks for all your great posts. Happy week. ❤


  3. Dear Julie Child: I’ve never tried your recipes, but I will give this one a go.

    Noticed you passed up the chance to say “don’t forget to soak your dates”. Which, I understand, might be good advice for college freshmen. But doesn’t carry the same flare as when you once reminded us “don’t forget to soak your nuts.” 😉

    An elephant never forgets.


  4. They look delicious, thanks for sharing Violet! I made something very similar the other day by chopping up dates , apricots and various nuts and mixing them with melted dark chocolate. There was no need for any added sugar as the dates made this sweet anyway. I rolled them into small balls and froze them- in fact they were delicious eaten straight from the freezer!


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