Vegan Art Supplies

You have to be really careful not to accidently buy something containing animal products when you’re buying art and craft materials but, thanks to an ever increasing number of people like us demanding cruelty-free art supplies, there are more on the market than ever before 😀

The wonderful ARTdiscount store gives us detailed information about which products are vegan-friendly and make it easy to be sure you’re not accidentally hurting anyone with your creative pursuits.

vegan art supplies ARTdiscount store

Here is their detailed page, divided into specific sections like ‘vegan watercolour artist’, ‘vegan calligraphy’, ‘vegan sketcher’ and ‘vegan kids’ art materials’, you’ll find everything you could want right there 😀

Now then, I need some ink! Thanks ARTdiscount 😀

15 thoughts on “Vegan Art Supplies

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  2. After being a vegan for so long, I am constantly dismayed to realize things I never think about are not vegan. Thankfully I rarely buy non-food items and most of my art is digital now, but I’ll definitely be consulting this the next time I invest in art supplies. Thanks for the great resource! Much appreciated.

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    • Yes, like you I never cease to be amazed at the caveman-style outdated manufacturing processes still prevalent today. You’re welcome but I really can’t take the credit for it. ARTdiscount did all the time-consuming research and I’m very grateful to them 🙂 I’ve put a link in our sidebar to make it easy to find when you need it ❤

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  3. I’d really appreciate a list of what is NOT vegan friendly. I just never thought of art supply as being made with animal bits in them. Who would do such a thing, but no need to answer that, for the world is sadly full, FULL of those type of people.

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