Make some sugar-free jam – you know you want to!

sugar free jam

If you want jam but not sugar (nor other added sweetener either) then this is the recipe for you!

In the inventor’s own words “This recipe for strawberry jam does take some time to make in the absence of sugar or a natural sweetener, but the end result is pure strawberry goodness. It is definitely sweet enough and has an amazing buttery smooth and creamy consistency. I guarantee that if you like fresh strawberries, you will love this recipe.”

So go on, pop over to this website – Living Healthy with Chocolate dot com – and give it a go!

I know I’m going to! 🙂

14 thoughts on “Make some sugar-free jam – you know you want to!

  1. Being a diabetic, this recipe is great! No added sweetener, not even the artificial stuff! And I really don’t enjoy eating things with artificial sweeteners.Thanks for sharing the link! I think I just make me some strawberry jam today. 🙂


    • Excellent! How did it turn out? I’m diabetic too and I’ve recently given up all grains as well as sugar and my blood glucose has really settled down now, no more merry-go-round of highs and lows and most of the time they’re within the ‘normal’ range. I did this after reading ‘Wheat Belly’ and discovering that wholegrain wheat has a higher GI than table sugar!!! So I quit it, along with all other grains, and I feel so much better. Just wanted to share with a fellow diabetic in case it helps 🙂


      • Actually I didn’t try it yet, but it’s definitely on my menu planner. I am always astonished when very thin people tell me they are diabetic too. I was amazed to find out the Holly Berry was one. Of course, she watches and monitors her sugar very carefully. I gave up wheat pasta and switched to corn pasta instead. I felt much better after the switch too. However, I still eat a little wheat here and there. I should probably give it up completely. Thank you for sharing with a fellow diabetic. I always appreciate any info that can help. 🙂


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