Luke Walker: animal stick up for-er

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vegan kids' story  vegan kids' story

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Thanks to the creators of the fonts used in these books who made them available for free:

poilet taper and Idolwild by Jakob Fischer of

2Dumb and Impact Label by Michael Tension

1942 report by person or persons unknown

HVD PEACE by Hannes Von Döhren

Kingthings Trypewriter 2 by Kevin King of

Disgusting Behavior and AUdimat by Eduardo Recife of

Daniel by Daniel Midgley of

Digory Doodles from

Alex Brush by TypeSETit of

Gondola SD Swash by Steve Deffeyes of

Caprice by George Williams at

TOP SECRET by Koczman Bálint

Promocyja – public domain font

and thanks to fontsquirrel for distributing them 🙂


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10 thoughts on “Luke Walker: animal stick up for-er

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  3. My daughter ( 7 yrs ) and I just finished reading More Luke Walker Animal Stick Up for – Er. While we are so grateful that you came out with this second book so quickly……. we are now waiting with bated breath for the next one!!!! Blush Blush, no pressure or anything :). Ok, so this book was more intense than the first, dealing with more dramatic, blatant, risk taking acts of animal rights activism. At one or two points in the story my sensitive daughter was too scared to go on, fearing Luke might find himself in some real hot water. In the end I think what stands out, what comes to the foreground, is the place of innocence, of untainted youthful compassion that knows beyond a shadow of a doubt what is right and what is wrong, where all the acts of defiance emerge from. Once again Luke has touched and inspired us with his intuitive understanding of what kindness and respect means, and the way he takes up the gauntlet to bravely make the world a better place. I LOVED the ending!

    Thank you so much

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    • Thank you sooo much for this in-depth feedback, it really does mean the world to us, I can’t tell you how happy we are that you and your little one enjoyed it so much. You’re right, this one is more intense than the first and I was worried it might be too sad at times for your little seven year old, so I am relieved that she was able to continue to a hopeful ending. Luke will be back certainly, thanks to such encouraging words as yours ❤ ❤


  4. My 7 year old daughter (vegan from birth) and I just finished reading Luke Walker: Animal stick up for-er. We just loved it. I’m quick to tear up so I had to pause my reading many times to compose myself lol. We love Luke!! What a wonderful, inspiring young hero / role model.

    Please write many more Luke Walker books.
    Thank you very much,
    P and L

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