Luke Walker: animal stick up for-er

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The first eight chapters of Luke Walker: animal stick up for-er are available in paperback, and also you can get a copy of Luke Walker’s privut notebook if you want to join his secret sersiety 😮



Thanks to the creators of the fonts used in these books who made them available for free:

poilet taper by Jakob Fischer of

2Dumb by Michael Tension

1942 report by person or persons unknown

impact label by Michael Tension

HVD PEACE by Hannes Von Döhren

and thanks to fontsquirrel for distributing them 🙂


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20 thoughts on “Luke Walker: animal stick up for-er

  1. My 7 year old daughter (vegan from birth) and I just finished reading Luke Walker: Animal stick up for-er. We just loved it. I’m quick to tear up so I had to pause my reading many times to compose myself lol. We love Luke!! What a wonderful, inspiring young hero / role model.

    Please write many more Luke Walker books.
    Thank you very much,
    P and L

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  2. these stories and cartons are superb i like these. Ialso write children stories . you would like them my blogs with recent poems / Just love me / leave me alone. kindly leave your comments. you are my first love and priority.

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