Vegan things to make and do

Make a 3-ingredient banana cake
Do some colouring
Make some chocolate raw bars
Do a crossword puzzle
Make some easy oat flatbread
knitted model bus
Knit the Anderson family’s bus
Make some chocolate-chip peanut butter cookies
knitted doll
Make a Reflecto Girl doll
buckwheat cookies
Make some gluten-free buckwheat cookies
word sudoku link (3)
Do a PLANT FOOD sudoku
Do a fruit sudoku
jigsaw link
Make a jigsaw
cookie link
Make chocolate oat cookies
Grow Your Own
Grow your own food
grow your own apple tree
Grow your own apple trees
Unravel and Re-knit
go for a bike ride
Go for a bike ride
vegan blueberry muffin
Make some blueberry muffins
make a new apron
Upcycle yourself an apron
foraging for chestnuts
Go foraging for nuts
sugar free crispy cakes
Make peanut butter chocolate crispy cakes
apple and blackberry flapjacks
Pick blackberries and make flapjacks
go to the library
Go to the library
go for a walk
Go for a walk
wild flower spotting
Go wildflower spotting
kids club membership card
Make your Violet’s Vegan Comics Club membership card
make a model bus
Make a toy bus
raw vegan choc ice
Make easy banana choc-ices
raw vegan chocolate chocolate-chip cookies
Make raw chocolate chip cookies
recycled apron
Make a recycled apron
vegan upcycled bag
Make an upcycled vegan bag
Craftivism: knit messaging
vegan scrabble
Play vegan scrabble
raw carrot cake
Make a raw carrot cake
easy vegan Christmas treats
Make easy vegan Christmas treats
make your own "helping Venus" game
Make a Venus Aqueous board game
make your own monopoly game
Make your own Monopoly game
vegan crossword
Do a crossword
no bake blueberry chocolate flapjack
Make some no-bake blueberry chocolate flapjacks
make your own paper doll
Make a Reflecto Girl paper doll
Do some vegan panda collage



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