Babs goes nuts!

001 Babs goes nuts

01 Babs goes nuts

01a Babs goes nuts

1 Babs goes nuts

2 Babs goes nuts

3 Babs goes nuts

4 Babs goes nuts

5 Babs goes nuts

6 Babs goes nuts

7 Babs goes nuts

8 Babs goes nuts

9 Babs goes nuts

10 Babs goes nuts

13 Babs goes nuts

11 Babs goes nuts

14 Babs goes nuts

Here’s some we did yesterday:


First preheat your oven to 200°C if it’s a fan oven (higher if not), or 400°F or gas mark 6.

Then rinse the chestnuts, trim off the stem, and cut a cross in the outer skin.  If you don’t slit the skin they will explode in the oven.



Get a grown-up to help you with this because it’s quite fiddly and needs a sharp knife.  We don’t want any fingers getting sliced!

When you’ve done that you can put your nuts on a baking tray or dish …


We only collected a few yesterday because we’d never tried them before and didn’t want to waste too many if we didn’t like them.  Of course you may deduce now that we did like them!

Bung them in the oven and roast them until the skin peels open which should take around half an hour.


While they are warm, peel off the outer brown skin and the inner paler skin …


And you’ll be left with a beautiful, soft, creamy-coloured nut which is absolutely delicious:



Happy foraging love Babs

51 thoughts on “Babs goes nuts!

  1. Thank you for liking “Post A Quote Challenge: Day 3.” I enjoyed this post because I learned something new from it. I did not know that there are two types of chestnuts and that horse chestnuts are poisonous. I am glad to know this information in case I ever come across some wild chestnut trees in the future.


  2. What an adorable post! I loved it! I also learned lots of new stuff. Like I didn’t know chestnuts had that hard spiky shell. Yikes! I didn’t know you could bake them either or that they grew in trees (I thought bush for sure). Thanks for teaching me something new today and in such a fun colorful way. 😀


  3. Thanks for teaching me about chestnuts, Babs! I’m pretty sure we don’t have those out here, as trees in general are hard to come by, but just the reminder to forage is a good one 🙂


  4. MMMMMM …. tasty chestnuts 😀 We buy them at Christmas to roast but you are so lucky to be able to forage full size sweet chestnuts 🙂 We collected some of the small ones we find in the woods near us but sadly they didn’t really work out for cooking. Sweet chestnut cases are very spiky aren’t they. I love the colours of the sweet chestnut leaves in Autumn too.


  5. Yay, Babs is back! My dad made us roast chestnuts once in the fireplace. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. 🙂 I haven’t noticed any sweet chestnut trees round here, I must keep my eyes peeled.


  6. Oh, this made me laugh!!! 🙂 🙂 I am enjoying myself so much now!! 🙂 Hihihihihi!! 🙂 I love love love your Barbie comic!! 🙂 I wish I could do that, I mean make a photo-comic like that, I would have loooooooved it!! 🙂 🙂 Thank you for making my day a little more smiley! 😀


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