Today I saw the sunrise

Image by Sara Vaccari from Pixabay
Today I saw the sunrise
For the very first time.
I forgot to take my camera
So I'll describe it in this rhyme.

When we left home, the sky was dark,
Dark blue, pin-pricked with stars.
Everywhere was quiet and still,
On the road no moving cars.

We walked towards the pebbled beach,
My four-legged friend and me.
The sky was lit with orange
Along the edge, across the sea.

South along the shingle, looking
Back so I could see it,
I walked and turned and walked and turned,
I didn't want to miss it.

By the time we reached our walk's end,
The sky wore early morning light.
Its orange trim was retreating
But there was still no sun in sight.

Then a bright zigzag of orange
Painted plane trails in one spot.
It was coming!  It was coming!
Glowing light and burning hot!

So we sat down on the pebbles,
Glistening wet still from the sea,
And we watched the orange zigzags,
Well, my friend didn't, only me.

And it came then, just a little,
Glowing golden, almost white.
Just a tip above the ocean,
Smooth and fast now, gaining height.

Without dark shades, it was too bright,
So I shielded my eyes with my hand,
Peeked at our star between my fingers,
And blinked orange spots on the land.

The thing I've learned, and should have known,
Is really worth a mention -
Never attempt to view the dawn
Without ample eye-protection!


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“What do you do?”

vegan children's poem
vegan children's poem
vegan children's poem
vegan children's poem


Lucy Lilac liked to learn

Whatever school could teach her,

And even when outside of school,

Sought knowledge all around her.


“What do you do?” she asked a worm,

“Tell me, what is the point of you?”

“What a cheek!” came the worm’s barely audible squeak,

“You mean – what do I do for you?!”


“What do you do?” she asked a wasp,

“Tell me, what is the point of you?”

“How rude!” said the wasp with attitude,

“Go away now, shoo shoo shoo!”


“What do you do?” she asked a snail,

“Tell me, what is the point of you?”

“Same as you,” said the snail as he slid through the dew,

“Just like you, I eat, sleep and poo.”


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How many morons holiday here?

If you like it, why d’you trash it?

Do you have a brain at all?

Has your grey matter turned to splatter?

Tie your laces or you’ll fall.


So you buy it and you eat it,

Crap and junk degrade your mind.

Fat and flesh foods, blood and death foods,

You’d be brighter if you’d been kind.


But you’re not bright, you’re a moron,

Piles of crap wherever you’ve been.

It’s our world you declared war on,

Stupid stinker, eat your greens!


I’m parched,

I’m scorched,

I’m hotter than hell.

Bad enough they put us here

But did they have to take our shade as well?

They ripped out hedges

Tall and thick,

To make room for machines,

Their noise, their stink.

Their clumsy approach,

Their ugly return.

They smash

And crush

And never learn.

No trees,

No hedge,

No shade for us,

No thought for us

No respite for us.

Beware Beware, the Maddicts are coming!

Beware beware, the Maddicts are coming,

They’re coming to get you!

They’re coming to get you!

Take care, take care, the Maddicts are coming,

You’d better get home, go on, RUN!


Lock doors and windows, the Maddicts are out there,

They’re trying to find you!

They’re trying to find you!

Stay quiet, stay hidden, the Maddicts are out there,

They won’t let go ’til they’re done!


Maddicts [a dark satire, not recommended for readers under 12] begins tomorrow 😮


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“We’re doomed!”

The End 😀

If you missed the beginning you can read the whole story here

And if you like rhyming stories generally, there are more on this page 😀


“We’re doomed!  We’re doomed!”  cried a pink panicked pig.

The other was mute in distress.

“Listen to me,” came a voice down a tree,

“I’ll get you both out of this mess.”


“The answer is simple, you need to be brave,

Keep going, walk on, don’t look back.

The forest will feed you and shelter you too.

You will find that for nothing you’ll lack.”


So the two little pigs changed direction at last

As they chose to live and be free.

Their salty tears dried on their pink rosy cheeks,

Ever after they lived happily.


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At last they found it!

The story of The Two Little Pigs continues:


Oh no!  Poor piggies 😦

Join us tomorrow to see how the story ends 😀


At last the pigs found it, the place of their dreams,

Their home with the farmer they loved.

But their joy was short-lived when they saw what she did.

Just in time her true face was revealed.


“What’s wrong?” asked a magpie who watched with her mate,

“Tell us what makes you so sad.”

“The farmer,” said one pig with tears in his eyes,

“We thought she was good but she’s bad.”


“Ah yes,” said the magpie, “we’ve seen it before.

She’s lovely to piggies like you.

She keeps them well fed and happy and fat

Till she sends them to him, two by two.”


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Then the two pigs met a golden stag deer

The story of The Two Little Pigs continues:

Oh my goodness!

Come back tomorrow to see what happens next! 😀


Then the two pigs met a golden stag deer,

He was strong and as tall as the sky.

“Please, oh please, help us find our way home!

We’re afraid if you don’t we might die!”


“Well done,” said the deer, “you’ve made your escape,

Now hide where he can’t see you.

If you go that way, I’m telling you true,

In no time at all he will find you!”


Again the pigs ran and they stuck to their plan

To go home where they felt safe before.

But the butcher came too, now he realised he knew

Just exactly where they headed for.


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There was a young man who swallowed a fly

There was a young man who swallowed a fly.

He didn’t mean to swallow a fly – I doubt he’ll die.


There was a young man who swallowed a fish,

A sad grey fish, dead on the dish.

And he did mean to swallow the fish

Unlike the fly – Perhaps he’ll die!


There was a young man who swallowed a bird,

How absurd, to swallow a bird!

And he did mean to swallow the bird

Unlike the fly – Perhaps he’ll die!


There was a young man who swallowed a pig,

Poor little pig who wasn’t big.

And he did mean to swallow the pig

Unlike the fly – Perhaps he’ll die!


There was a young man who swallowed a lamb,

Sweet little lamb, a baby ram.

And he did mean to swallow the lamb

Unlike the fly – Perhaps he’ll die!


There was a young man who swallowed a cow,

A gentle cow who’d grazed under the bough.

And he did mean to swallow the cow

Unlike the fly – Perhaps he’ll die!


And when the young man was not so young,

He felt the weight of all he’d done.

The fat in his liver and fuzz in his mind

Made him wish he’d at least been kind

And swallowed some tofu instead of fish,

And put beans not birds in his oven dish,

And swallowed brown mushrooms instead of piglets,

And cooked lentils and onions instead of lamb cutlets.

If only, he wished, he’d not eaten a cow

Then surely he’d be in good health right now.


There was a young man who swallowed a fly.

Of course he’ll die, but that’s not why.


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Big Grasshopper

Big Grasshopper

On the baby apple tree,

I wonder what you’re thinking

While you calmly look at me.


Photographs by Ralf Kunze and Cocoparisienne of Pixabay


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Angry Vegan

I try not to be an angry vegan,

I’m treading on eggshells you know,

So as not to upset fragile meaties,

And milkies and egg-lovers too.


The reason I ask them so gently,

To please stop paying for death,

Is because they say they won’t listen,

If I offend them by telling the truth.


And so while I tiptoe on eggshells,

They continue to breed and to kill,

The gentle, magnificent, blameless beasts,

Helpless slaves to the gluttonous will.


Well I am an angry vegan!

I feel fury and heartbreak and rage!

You hurt them, you break them, you kill them!

When you pay for their parts with your wage.


There is no excuse, you are heartless,

And I’m tired of pretending otherwise.

You hurt them and kill them for pleasure,

For your tastebuds’ habitual vice.

Old McSpreader

Sing to the tune of Old MacDonald 🙂

Old McSpreader had a farm,

Pee-u pee-u poo.

And on that farm he dished out muck,

Pee-u pee-u poo.

With a cow-pat here and a pig poo there,

Here a plop, there a plop,

Everywhere a ton of plops,

Old McSpreader had a farm,

Pee-u pee-u poo.

“Oh,” my ma says, “Oh, no no!”

“No no no no no!”

She says of washing on the line,

“It will smell of poo!”

She grabs a stinky towel here and a stinky sheet there,

Here a shirt, there a dress,

All of it a stinky mess.

“Oh!” my ma says, “oh, no no!”

“It all smells of poo!”

Old Green Grower spreads no muck,

No sal-mon-ell-a.

For her crops manure is green,

No e-coli either.

With clover here and mustard there,

Here some vetch, there some hemp,

Everywhere a lovely scent.

Old Green Grower spreads no muck,

Her fields are filled with joy 😀


Green manure – so much better for us and the world than sewage, blood and bone from factory farms.  Well duh!

Check it out 😀

Unnecessary Suffering

My flesh to you is unnecessary,

And my milk’s unnecessary for you,

So if none of these is necessary

Then my suffering’s unnecessary too.


Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare‘s governing document states:

1.1 The objects of the charity are
(1) To prevent and relieve cruelty to animals and to protect them from UNNECESSARY SUFFERING and to promote and encourage a knowledge and love of animals and of their proper care and treatment.

and yet they serve meat, fish, dairy and eggs in their cafe.

Tell them they’re breaking their own laws!

Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare,
The Broyle, Ringmer,
East Sussex,
Tel: (01825) 840252

And don’t forget to sign and share the petition 😀

Thank you 🙂


Listening to the mouse in the wall

I lay in bed listening

To the mouse in the wall.

He doesn’t know I’m here,

I think I’ll call him Paul.


He always comes at bedtime

To find his winter stash.

He must be very hungry,

Scratch and scrape and bang and bash.

It sounds just like marbles

That he rolls above my head,

But I think it must be nuts,

They sound loud when I’m in bed.


I’m glad Paul won’t go hungry,

He works hard for every bite,

But I wish he’d work the day shift

So I could sleep at night.



Plastic’s Not Fantastic

You know plastic’s not fantastic

And it might seem rather drastic

But the obvious solution

Is a New Year’s resolution

To give unfantastic plastic the heave-ho.

So that’s what we’ve decided,

We’re determined to be guided

By the needs of Earth and Earthlings

To be free of all plastic things,

So to all new things of plastic we say NO!

Check out our Plastic Avoidance Tactics 😀

A Handsome Fellow

Here is the fellow

I met yesterday,

I don’t know his name,

He didn’t say.

But he was so handsome,

So elegant was he,

I quietly admired him,

Or was he a she?


Can somebody tell me – is he a partridge?  And is he a he or a she?

Such a beauty 😀


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Animal Sanctuary Poem Week: Day 5

Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare

The Broyle, Ringmer, East Sussex, BN8 5AJ, UK

Tel:  (01825) 840252


Today I saw some horrible men

Who were happy in their pursuit

Of rabbits with their tiny dogs

Who were sent down the holes by the brutes.

These horrible men, these are the type

Who work at the pig farm or kill shed.

They hang and they slash, they pluck and they chop,

And afterwards sleep sound in their beds.

And while they sleep, these horrible men,

Some nice people smile and are friendly.

At their fundraiser for a good cause

They eat ham rolls and beef ravioli.

Horrible men, paid by the masses,

To torture and batter and kill.

The coins in those brutal, blood-stained hands

Are from Raystede’s blood-stained till.

I’m so sorry to have to write such a sad poem when we were in such a happy place looking at the other sanctuaries this week, but for the animals’ sake I have to draw your attention to this again.

It’s true that there are many animal charities which confine themselves to working for just one, or a couple of species – eg Cats’ Protection, Dogs Trust – but Raystede never used to be one of these.

Their website used to display the slogan: “We believe that every animal has the right to health, happiness and freedom from suffering” but since this campaign started they have taken it down.

Raystede was started in the 1950’s by a woman, born in 1902, who had convictions and compassion as strong as those of the other sanctuary hosts we’ve met this week.  She described herself as a ‘non-meat eater’ and, as she reiterated again and again, cared about ALL animals, without exception.  Miss M Raymonde-Hawkins wrote in her book Sensible Pets and Silly People,

“My own view, and that of every decent minded person, is that no animal should be caused to suffer at all for any reason.”


“Too often our entertainment, our food, our clothing and so-called sport are all at the expense of animals and a civilised society in years to come will look back with horror at the way that we have exploited animals during this century.”

She concluded her book with:

“Those of us who have grown old in the work and who have so little to encourage us for the future welfare of animals can at least only hope that having carried the banner so far, we can, in falling, fling it to the hosts behind to carry on the work and hope that they will be more successful than we have been during this century.”

She died in 1998 and the “hosts behind” dropped the banner.

They betrayed her.

They betrayed the animals.

Roll up your sleeves guys, looks like this is gonna take a while.

Let’s Shawshank them!

We can do this.

For as long as it takes.

For the sake of back-to-front Grace and Archie No-Tail  in Hugletts’ video, and all the billions of others, please join this campaign and tell Raystede to make their cafe vegan.

Write a letter a week (or email or phone call) until Raystede stops serving the products of animal cruelty.

Until they stop instigating unspeakable suffering.

Thank you so much.


Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare

The Broyle,


East Sussex,

BN8 5AJ,


Tel:  (01825) 840252



Animal Sanctuary Poem Week: Day 1

Tower Hill Stables

Asheldham , Essex

Fiona Oakes and Martin,

They’re such a funny pair.

Like vegan superheroes

They’re running here and there.

At Tower Hills, their sanct’ry,

They never seem to stop.

They have so many rescues,

They work until they drop.

So look them up and you’ll see

The lovelies in their care,

And help them if you can please,

When you’ve got a bit to spare.

❤ 😀 ❤

The Tower Hill Stables team are currently trying to raise money to build a new enclosure for the poultry because of DEFRA rules that they have to be kept in over winter to prevent bird flu and they’ve been lucky enough to find a generous benefactor who has promised to match whatever they can raise towards this build.  So, if you donate, say £10, the sanctuary will get £20!  A great opportunity but it’s a limited time offer and the appeal must end 31st December 2017.  Do help if you can 😀


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A Little Sprite – again

Last night I saw a little sprite

Who told me what to do:

“Eat only plant food,

It’s much better for you.”


She fluttered and she floated

And she smiled down on me,

“Plant food is meant for you,

Just try it and you’ll see.”


I woke up and I sat up

And I looked from floor to beam.

I saw no sprite, there was no sprite,

She must have been a dream.


But still I could not shake her

Which was because, I knew,

She was real inside my head

And what she said was true.

Recommended Reading: FRUITS – A Caribbean counting poem

Fruits - a Caribbean counting poem

We love this book!

Fruits - a Caribbean counting poem

It’s so perfect!  Full of vibrant colour and light.

Fruits - a Caribbean counting poem

Valerie Bloom’s happy, funny poem is gorgeously illustrated by David Axtell.

Fruits - a Caribbean counting poem

Every page is full of delicious mischief and tasty, sweet, juicy fruit.

Fruits - a Caribbean counting poem

The rhyming story is told in the first person from the point of view of a delightfully naughty little girl who loves fruit and eats as much as she can get her hands on while teaching little sis how to get it without getting caught.

Fruits - a Caribbean counting poem

The written-in Caribbean accent naturally adds sunshine to the words and you really feel like you’re inside the head of big sis; which makes you as eager as she to taste all those juicy fruits.

Fruits - a Caribbean counting poem

I probably shouldn’t show any more, wouldn’t want to spoil the ending 😉 You really should get down to the library and borrow this wonderful book (or get your own copy) – especially if you’ve got a little one who’s learning to count.

Highly highly recommended 😀

Me and My Pal


He’s acts gruff and I’m so dainty

But we seem to get on quite well.

He pretends to be tough but he’s soft really

And he likes me, I can tell.


He likes his space and I like to snuggle –

He lets me, not often, but sometimes.

I wouldn’t go so far as to give him a cuddle

But he’s my best pal for all times.

Bodie and Duster (3)

Be Happy And Well

vegan poem

You’ve a right to be angry

But it won’t do no good

To shout at the man

Who eats animal food.


He may just laugh at you

Or shout at you back

But it won’t stop him eating

Of the wee piglet’s back.

vegan poem

Try to be friendly,

Smile and be warm.

Let him see your food,

Inspire reform.

vegan poem

Vegan food’s tasty,

Delicious and yum.

With no pus and no blood

It’s good for your tum.


So live by example,

Be happy and well.

It results in more progress

Than damning him to hell.

vegan poem

A Little Sprite

vegan poem

Last night I saw a little sprite

Who told me what to do:

“Eat only plant food,

It’s much better for you.”


She fluttered and she floated

And she smiled down on me,

“Plant food is meant for you,

Just try it and you’ll see.”


I woke up and I sat up

And I looked from floor to beam.

I saw no sprite, there was no sprite,

She must have been a dream.


But still I could not shake her

Which was because, I knew,

She was real inside my head

And what she said was true.

The Clock Ticks

collage clock

Every day the clock ticks on,

Around us the moon, while we round the sun.

First Winter then Spring then Summer then Fall,

Through all time ticks on, disregarding us all.


Machines and gadgets that progress has brought

Fill homes and lives and contaminate thought.

It’s not progress for the Earth, our Mother,

Miraculous Nature whose gifts we plunder.


But She is resilient and could be returned

To Her former glory if lessons are learned.

If we could tread lightly, be gentle and kind,

The damage we’ve done might reverse and rewind.

U is for unethical, unprincipled, unkind ….

Why photograph

Killing animals is unethical,

It’s unprincipled and unkind.

Eating meat is unhealthy,

It’s unsavoury and unsound.


So why do humans do it,

This unsightly unwholesome crime?

It’s unwarrantable, it’s unwarranted

And entirely unjustified.

Why photograph - Copy

The U page is right here, and the whole dictionary is just there 😀

Three Simple Rules


“Thou shalt not steal!”

Said Sam to Neil,

“You should not lie,”

Said Jane to Si.

“It’s wrong to kill,”

Said all to Jill

As she ate her big pork pie.


“I’d never steal!”

Replied cross Neil,

“I do not lie!”

Outraged was Si,

“I would not kill!”

Snapped back young Jill

As she swallowed piglet pie.


If you go down to the woods today …

Guntotin Goodfernuffink

To the tune of Teddy Bears’ Picnic, All together now 😉

If you go down to the woods today

You’d better not take your gun.

If you go down to the woods today

You won’t have your usual fun.


For there’s a girl, like no other was

Who’ll follow you there for certain because

Today’s the day Reflecto Girl

Gets some justice!

Reflecto Girl

Reflecto Girl #4: Guntotin Goodfernuffinks coming soon!

If you’ve never met Renée before, check out Reflecto Girl Episode 1, Episode 2 and Episode 3 for the story so far, they’re all on the ‘age 8 and up’ page 😀

“Hee Hee” said the cow




“Hee hee” said the cow,

“Woo hoo” said the hen

“Hurrah!” said the sow

And the sheep cheered again.

hen and pig

“He did it!” they cried

                 As they skipped and they ran,

                 “Farmer’s eyes opened wide,

                   And he became vegan!”



And it’s true!  It’s happening again and again!

Click here for some wonderfully moving true stories of animal farmers who awoke to the reality of what they were doing and completely turned things around 🙂

Life-Giving Force

pop crackle

Pop and crackle,

Fizz and bubble,

The witch stirs her cauldron

On the fire in her hovel.


She shrieks at the night

It will happen alright,

The life-giving force

Of her potion’s in sight.


It’s got onions and greens,

Carrots and beans,

There’s garlic and lentils,

She’s hungry and keen

To gobble it up,

From bowl and from cup,

The magic of plants

She’ll slurp and she’ll sup.

sup and slurp

The Doctor Said

doctor said

“He’ll soon be dead,”

The doctor said

As she stood at the end

Of her patient’s bed.


“He ignored my advice,

Never gave up his vice,

Those flesh foods will kill you’

I said more than twice.”


The nurse shook his head

As he straightened the bed,

“Avoidable suffering,

What a waste,” he said.

nurse said

Touch the Earth

touch the Earth

Touch the Earth

Feel the Earth,

In contact with your skin.

It just feels good

Like soft earth would,

And soothes you from within.


Earthing:  ” the practice of connecting the body with earth by touching skin to a conductive material such as grass (preferably wet), wet sand, a river, lake or sea. …… When the body loses contact with the earth it can carry a positive voltage relative to the Earth. Some people believe this is not good for health and wellbeing.  Earthing the body returns the voltage to zero “

Chickens Are People Just Like Dogs

chickens are people

Chickens are people

Just like dogs.

They enjoy dust baths

And jumping on logs.

  chickens are people

Chickens will play games

Like ‘chase’ and ‘steal your smalls’.

They’ll splash you in the paddling pool,

Though not keen on fetching balls.

chickens are people

Some of them are gentle, 

Some of them are tough.

Some of them are bossy, 

Some timid and soft as fluff.

  chickens are people

They all have personality

And every one is different.

Just like Rover and Fido and Max

They might be quiet or exuberant.

chickens are people

The Hungry Compost Bin

compost bin

The compost bin was hungry

And it wanted something new.

It’d reduced old fruit and lettuce leaves

To gloopy, slimy goo.

“Enough with all the green waste,

For now I’ve had enough.

I need something dry and brown

Like paper and card and stuff!”

So strips of card were fed to it

And more and more and more,

‘Til finally an old paperback

Was swallowed whole and raw.

paperback swallowed whole

I’ve got a bamboo toothbrush


bamboo toothbrush

I’ve got a bamboo toothbrush,

It’s the best one you can own.

It’s not as good as mine though,

Mine is red and yours is brown


Yours is red because it’s plastic,

You know plastic isn’t good.

It is good coz it’s shiny.

Yours is dull, it’s made of wood.


Toothbrushes by the millions

Are thrown away each year, 

And because they don’t rot naturally,

Lifetimes later they’re still here.


Well at least my plastic toothbrush

Won’t make forests get the chop.

Your wood one’s killing all the trees,

You shouldn’t kill trees, so stop!


No, bamboo is not like other trees, 

Because it grows so fast.

They’re always planting new ones

So their supply will always last.


And when my toothbrush is old and useless,

When I have to throw it out,

The natural fibre it’s made from

Will safely, quickly rot.

 Would you like a bamboo toothbrush?

Look here

and here

and here

and here

bamboo toothbrush

Or maybe they sell them at your local health food store? 🙂

Javier Culotte loved to wear shoes.

vegetarian shoes

Javier Culotte loved to wear shoes,

He liked them in reds and he loved them in blues.

He sometimes wore tall ones, sometimes they were flat,

But none of them were leather, he made sure of that.


“Leather is not natural,” said Javier Culotte,

“It’s been tanned with dangerous chemicals.

The tanning makes sure the skin won’t rot,

So it’s not even bio-degradable.”


“The stink and the waste and the toxins from tanning,

Are not pleasant things to live by.

So most of it’s done a long way away,

In poor developing countries.”


“They use arsenic and cadmium, chromium and lead,

Mercury, nickel and cobalt.

They use copper and zinc, formaldehyde, nuf said,

Bad for feet, bad for health, bad by default.”


“These metals and dyes and organic compounds,

Are present in the leather.

They leak and may poison the skin of the wearer,

Through contact, through sweat, through blister.”


“It’s bad for the wearer and bad for the tanner,

And it’s carcinogenic to boot.

When dumped it poisons the Earth and ground water

So wearing it’s not too astute.”


“Whatever you want there’s no need for concern,

Vegan footwear has come a long way.

It has the style and function and quality you yearn,

For everything you need day to day.”

vegetarian shoes

Bikers and workers who shun leather gear

Opt for armoured, steel toe-capped synthetics. 

They feel safe in their weather-proof, hi-viz gear

Made from quality, long-lasting fabrics.


Javier Culotte loved to wear shoes,

He liked them in reds and he loved them in blues.

He sometimes wore tall ones, sometimes they were flat,

But none of them were leather, he made sure of that.


shoes drawing


Vegan shoes:

Vegan Motorcyclist:

Isn’t it a yucky thing?

why would you wear cow skin

Why would you wear leather?

It’s cow skin you know,

Or goat skin or calf skin,

Or even kangaroo.

wearing leather's creepy

Why would you want to wear someone else’s skin?

Isn’t it a yucky thing to put your body in?

Everyone should have the right, if they have no other,

To keep their own skin fully attached, not have it worn by another.

right to keep their own skin

Appreciate the little things

still have a hot cup of tea

‘Twas the night before the weekend,

And something was in the air.

His face looked concerned when he told me,

Though he tried to hide his despair.


“The internet’s stopped working!

I don’t know what to do!”

To ease his mind by distraction I said,

“The hot water’s stopped working too!”


He reached for my hand and squeezed it,

Breathed deep and smiled at me.

“At least after your cold shower,” he said,

“You can still have a hot cup of tea.”


[Inspired by an internet-free 3 days which turned out to be very liberating and enjoyable.  Internet’s back but not the hot water – that’s ok, cold showers are very refreshing 😉 ]