Listening to the mouse in the wall

I lay in bed listening

To the mouse in the wall.

He doesn’t know I’m here,

I think I’ll call him Paul.


He always comes at bedtime

To find his winter stash.

He must be very hungry,

Scratch and scrape and bang and bash.

It sounds just like marbles

That he rolls above my head,

But I think it must be nuts,

They sound loud when I’m in bed.


I’m glad Paul won’t go hungry,

He works hard for every bite,

But I wish he’d work the day shift

So I could sleep at night.



29 thoughts on “Listening to the mouse in the wall

  1. When I was growing up with my wise old grandmother we had a whole family of mice in the walls. After I graduated high school, though, I learned how to keep the mice outside where they could be a viable part of the food chain rather than keeping me awake at night.

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