Be Happy And Well

vegan poem

You’ve a right to be angry

But it won’t do no good

To shout at the man

Who eats animal food.


He may just laugh at you

Or shout at you back

But it won’t stop him eating

Of the wee piglet’s back.

vegan poem

Try to be friendly,

Smile and be warm.

Let him see your food,

Inspire reform.

vegan poem

Vegan food’s tasty,

Delicious and yum.

With no pus and no blood

It’s good for your tum.


So live by example,

Be happy and well.

It results in more progress

Than damning him to hell.

vegan poem

35 thoughts on “Be Happy And Well

  1. Lovely blog, so original and in defense of veganism. Great! I almost always eat vegan food. Your poem is awfully educational and I love its sense of humor and delicate approach. The message is powerful. Love this: “Let him see your food,/ Inspire reform.” And thank you so much for stopping at my blog.

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  2. Awesome….Happy New Year! You should check out: Esther the Wonder pig…she’s on instagram (estherthewonderpig) and YouTube. It’s a very interesting story. Two guys who went to get what they thought was a mini-pig but turned out to be a full sized regular meat pig. She’s changed their whole life.

    For those of us who don’t eat meat…it’s a wonderful story.


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