Big Grasshopper

Big Grasshopper

On the baby apple tree,

I wonder what you’re thinking

While you calmly look at me.


Photographs by Ralf Kunze and Cocoparisienne of Pixabay


animals, nature, insects, grasshopper, garden, vegan, photography, poem


12 thoughts on “Big Grasshopper

  1. I had the good fortune to witness one of these guys molting inside my backyard’s lavender bush. But I do have to put hardware cloth cages around my vegetable greens. Besides grasshoppers, the butterflies nip at and lay their eggs on the leaves. Bok choy is their favorite.

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  2. Think!? In a field of grazing cows, the bovines create large piles of excrement that microbes slowly break down to fertilize the soil. In that same field, however, hundreds of grasshoppers are also producing poop, but in much smaller amounts.


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