Three Simple Rules


“Thou shalt not steal!”

Said Sam to Neil,

“You should not lie,”

Said Jane to Si.

“It’s wrong to kill,”

Said all to Jill

As she ate her big pork pie.


“I’d never steal!”

Replied cross Neil,

“I do not lie!”

Outraged was Si,

“I would not kill!”

Snapped back young Jill

As she swallowed piglet pie.


16 thoughts on “Three Simple Rules

        • Yay!! I want to go to Australia to have a pet koala, but then the only way to travel back to my country for a koala is… A boat. And 63/65 koalas died by that, so you’re gonna be sad unless you live, and will forever live, in Australia. I would love a pet koala, and to show my 100% (well, sorta) love to koalas, I have 4 koala toys. I really want the beanie boo (search it up, they’re really cute!) koala called Bubblegum, I think it was. It used to be like that, but I’m pretty sure, but not 100% sure that the company has changed it to Bubblegum the bushbaby, I’m not sure.

          I would indeed give ANYTHING for a pet koala, for their cuteness, and they only stay awake 28 hours per week, so a less chance of them scratching you :). It’s best to (stick out/put your) hand to the direction of the koala, and only keep them if they don’t scratch you after 25 seconds. If you do that, you can easily tell if they’re going to easily be trained, or a bit hard to train. I really hope koalas don’t get endangered, because there are less than 500 in the wild… If they become extinct, I will cry forever, and hug all 4 of my koala toys so tight, but not killing them (you can’t kill toys) so there are less than 350!!

          😦 for less than 500 koalas in the wild but 🙂 for koalas still being alive.

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        • Less than 350, possibly. I’m really not sure about an organisation, because RSPCA mightnot do koalas. Because on the adverts, they only have dogs and cats etc on them, and koalas might cost more money per month. I’ll try to look up some cheap ones, like £36 per year. (3600p if you don’t say £, and have no idea what that means, 100p) I will even take up 8 hours of my computer time to see if there’s any help of saving those cutie grey or brown koalas. FUN FACT: Some koalas can be the size of a jelly bean!!

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        • Yay!! I have to check it out on 22nd, because right now and until Thursday 5pm I can’t go on it because it won’t load properly. Do you need to pay money?? If not, then I’m definitely going to go on it now!


        • NOOOOOOOKOO THEY R DISAPPEARONG… I am donating, adopting and and going to the shop for a cute toy and maybe if they have it, a koala pen, stamp, notebook, pencil AND koala cushions!!!!


  1. Such an irony …..
    But then children should be encouraged from begining because once it becomes a habit,it’s difficult and knowingly they will ignore the miseries they are putting animals into… Great way to express this Violet 🙂


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