Chickens Are People Just Like Dogs

chickens are people

Chickens are people

Just like dogs.

They enjoy dust baths

And jumping on logs.

  chickens are people

Chickens will play games

Like ‘chase’ and ‘steal your smalls’.

They’ll splash you in the paddling pool,

Though not keen on fetching balls.

chickens are people

Some of them are gentle, 

Some of them are tough.

Some of them are bossy, 

Some timid and soft as fluff.

  chickens are people

They all have personality

And every one is different.

Just like Rover and Fido and Max

They might be quiet or exuberant.

chickens are people

28 thoughts on “Chickens Are People Just Like Dogs

  1. Reblogged this on Animalista Untamed and commented:
    Cute little poem with even cuter illustrations, and a message that children just KNOW, but many adults seem to have forgotten.. Take time to have a leisurely mooch around Violet’s Veg*n e-Comics website and look at the books. Wondrous stuff!


  2. Wonderful! I like the first line especially. I’ve been thinking of trying my hand at children’s poetry, and this really helps to get my creativity working!


  3. I had chooks for many years. I always built double runs, so one could regenerate while they lived in the other. Both runs had piles of rotting logs for them to fossick in, and they always had at least a few tree lucerne planted in them, for shade. I gave them plastic bottle caps and things like that, to play with. My cats often came into the runs with me, and them and the chooks always got on. My chooks were always laid-back and good layers. I hate seeing neurotic chooks in bare, dirt enclosures with no shade. They most definitely are people. I loved the gentle background noise of their contented talk (:


  4. I so love this! Your work is amazing. I am watching a friend’s dog, chickens, and parakeets this week. I love ‘talking’ with the chickens. They are so chatty!


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