Today I saw the sunrise

Image by Sara Vaccari from Pixabay
Today I saw the sunrise
For the very first time.
I forgot to take my camera
So I'll describe it in this rhyme.

When we left home, the sky was dark,
Dark blue, pin-pricked with stars.
Everywhere was quiet and still,
On the road no moving cars.

We walked towards the pebbled beach,
My four-legged friend and me.
The sky was lit with orange
Along the edge, across the sea.

South along the shingle, looking
Back so I could see it,
I walked and turned and walked and turned,
I didn't want to miss it.

By the time we reached our walk's end,
The sky wore early morning light.
Its orange trim was retreating
But there was still no sun in sight.

Then a bright zigzag of orange
Painted plane trails in one spot.
It was coming!  It was coming!
Glowing light and burning hot!

So we sat down on the pebbles,
Glistening wet still from the sea,
And we watched the orange zigzags,
Well, my friend didn't, only me.

And it came then, just a little,
Glowing golden, almost white.
Just a tip above the ocean,
Smooth and fast now, gaining height.

Without dark shades, it was too bright,
So I shielded my eyes with my hand,
Peeked at our star between my fingers,
And blinked orange spots on the land.

The thing I've learned, and should have known,
Is really worth a mention -
Never attempt to view the dawn
Without ample eye-protection!


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