“Hee Hee” said the cow




“Hee hee” said the cow,

“Woo hoo” said the hen

“Hurrah!” said the sow

And the sheep cheered again.

hen and pig

“He did it!” they cried

                 As they skipped and they ran,

                 “Farmer’s eyes opened wide,

                   And he became vegan!”



And it’s true!  It’s happening again and again!

Click here for some wonderfully moving true stories of animal farmers who awoke to the reality of what they were doing and completely turned things around 🙂

20 thoughts on ““Hee Hee” said the cow

      • No, it was to late, but will go back to it over the weekend. My wife is a great meat eater, I used to be a vegetarian, mainly because meat was so expensive, but no eat meat again, but feel vegan-ism has a wonderful heart. Out here it is hard to follow, because there are almost no restaurants which have anything on the menu that is vegetarian, let alone vegan. Strangely the Banting diet is all the rage here, and many restaurants have a few Banting options on the menu! Best wishes and blessings, Charles.


        • Hi Violet, I read and listened to these three pieces, and yes they are inspiring, it makes one at least wonder, how far one goes in ones decision on becoming vegan, my friend Debby for instance is thinking about going back to being a straight vegetarian, as she finds she can’t go any where to eat, even friends, as they will not cook for vegans, so she has become a person almost shunned by society, for doing something selfless and good! For instance in my case is it worth taking the risk of spoiling a great marriage, over this? I believe it is correct, my wife is increasingly mad at me. Beast wishes and blessings, Charles.


        • Hi Charles, it is very strange that people react aggressively to a person’s decision to go vegan but I think it’s because deep down, maybe even on a subconscious level, they know you are right and don’t want to face the truth. There are some very hard truths to face and I think a lot of people block it with denial. And if they are feeling guilty (without knowing it) they will be angry if they think someone is judging them – which is what they think when you tell them you’re vegan. But good people understand in the end, we just have to be patient. Everyone gets there in their own time. The important thing is that, when it is your time, you don’t let other people stop you. And even if it’s inconvenient, if it’s right, it’s right 🙂

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        • Yes, its difficult in a meat eating society like ours here in South Africa, my wife really loves her meat, her chocolate and me, so I am a lucky fellow, and maybe one day we will go vegan. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.


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