Be Kind To Every Animal

 vegan child

Be kind to every animal

And every bird as well.

Be nice to them, they’re beautiful

And don’t eat them or I’ll tell!

16 thoughts on “Be Kind To Every Animal

  1. Today was one of those days at work where co-workers were discussing my being a vegan. It comes up now a lot in my new job. They eats LOTS of bacon. I tried to tell them about the pigs, and they wouldn’t hear it! I love my meat they say! Can’t live without it. Icky. So sad. I want to point out there won’t be an earth if they keep it up, but these folks just don’t get it. Arguing at work is not worth it.


  2. That picture brought back fond memories of my favorite story told in primary school about a Scandinavian boy called Niels, who initially was pestering the farm animals until he shrank to the size of a mouse and became friends with the geese who took him along on their journey to warmer grounds and taught him respect for all animals along the way!


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