How many morons holiday here?

If you like it, why d’you trash it?

Do you have a brain at all?

Has your grey matter turned to splatter?

Tie your laces or you’ll fall.


So you buy it and you eat it,

Crap and junk degrade your mind.

Fat and flesh foods, blood and death foods,

You’d be brighter if you’d been kind.


But you’re not bright, you’re a moron,

Piles of crap wherever you’ve been.

It’s our world you declared war on,

Stupid stinker, eat your greens!

8 thoughts on “How many morons holiday here?

  1. Love this. I ask myself this question every time I go to my local dam and see all the new piles of beer cans/fishing lures/bait tubs/etc. These are generally local people that come back to these spots frequently. I don’t understand, even from a selfish perspective, why you would trash it if you’re coming back. I’d hate to see these people’s houses. Or the insides of the fish they catch there….

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