Get meat off hospital menus!!!

My dad, who suffers from heart disease, was told to “eat more meat” by his GP as a response to his iron deficiency!  And when he went into hospital last year for stent operations there was not a single vegan option on the Coronary Care Unit menu.  I complained to the hospital but they ignored me.  This is madness!  Support and share Plant Based Health Professionals‘ campaign to get meat off hospital menus:  Give Bacon The Boot!

Thank you 🙂

8 thoughts on “Get meat off hospital menus!!!

    • It is crazy. Thanks for sharing your post with me – I read it and tried a couple of times to comment but every time I clicked SEND it said ‘invalid security token’! Never seen that before! Anyway, what I tried to send you was: If the meat industry is so profitable why are animal farmers so heavily subsidised? On average, subsidies for small farms make up 78% of profits, on medium concerns, about 61% and on the largest farms, around 46%. It is my belief that Big Pharma are the ones who actually profit from the meat addiction – from the vast amounts of meds they sell to farmers for the animals AND from the huge cost to human health which results from eating animal products. People who vehemently defend their “right to eat meat” are just playing into their hands. Big Pharma are terrifyingly powerful. Governments won’t stop them. Only consumers can.


  1. My partner works in a hospital and has to take food in, for there is hardly ever anything there in the canteen that’s vegan and who wants to survive on a baked potato and beans for the rest of their life?!

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