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A group of British doctors has backed a call for the end of factory farming to prevent future pandemics like COVID-19.

Dr Gemma Newman from the non-profit Plant-Based Health Professionals is leading a plea for the public to give up eating meat as part of the ’No Meat May’ campaign.  A record number of people are taking part this year with 33,000 sign-ups compared to 10,000 in 2019.  Of those who have signed up this year, a survey carried out by the campaign found that 38 per cent did so because of concerns surrounding the meat industry and diseases like Covid-19.

Hannah Bradshaw, one of the 23,000 new participants, says these concerns were certainly a part of her decision to give a plant-based diet a go.

”There is more information about the meat industry causing diseases than ever before,” she said, “and stronger links between the impacts on our health compared to a meat-free diet.”

The campaign has seen a big increase in sign-ups this year.


Zoonotic diseases, like Covid-19, are those that can spread between animals and humans.  Worldwide they have been the cause of many historic outbreaks including H1N1 and Ebola.  There is little evidence, however, to suggest that eating less meat directly reduces the occurrence of deadly disease outbreaks.

The most important factor, according to the UN Environment Program, is instead an increased amount of close contact between humans and animals like pigs, bats or birds which allows pathogens to jump between species.  In 2016 it identified increasing encroachment of animal agriculture into natural ecosystems as a driving factor of zoonotic diseases warning that the “livestock revolution” could lead to a potential disaster.

“Some politicians and commentators blame China for Covid-19, but they do not mention that all of the recent major disease outbreaks have been caused by tampering with animals and their habitats,” says Dr Newman, “our chicken salad or pepperoni pizza could be the next big health risk.”

“Industrial-scale factory farms are like a ticking time bomb”, she adds, “and shifting our diets away from meat [and all animal products] could help move towards a safer future”.


Consultant Haematologist and Director of Plant-Based Health Professionals UK, Doctor Shireen Kassam also believes there is an urgent need to reduce our meat consumption for both human and planetary health.

“More than 90 per cent of the meat we consume is produced in industrial scale factory farms, which provide the perfect conditions for the generation of novel infections with epidemic and pandemic potential.”

“Factory farming also requires the widespread use of antibiotics,” she adds, “which has contributed to a dramatic rise in the number of antibiotic-resistant infections affecting humans.”

“We have now entered an era where it is not uncommon for doctors to find themselves treating patients with bacterial infections for which there are no effective antibiotics.”

Dr Kassam explains that it is also a matter of overall public health. “We have known for decades that a healthy plant-based diet, which minimises or eliminates meat [and animal products], is associated with some of the lowest rates of chronic disease and a longer and healthier life.”


  1. Workers with so few options being exploited to work in slaughter houses, sleeping in bunks, transported like the animals in crowded vehicles now this is coming to light due to covid-19. The misery for the animals, the misery of the workers and for no good reason, it’s out of sight, out of mind to the shopper, but that’s changing.

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  2. I’m always flashing back to a tv special about a shaman from an indigenous tribe in the Amazon. Almost all of his offspring moved to the big city life. But he had knowledge of dozens of plants used for various medicinal uses in his village. Eventually scientists went to visit him to investigate these plants and perhaps study/synthesize their properties for the “modern” world. They also tape recorded his voice with an interpreter, since it was probable that his language was also going to disappear. And whether today’s generation might consider his lifestyle “hocus-pocus”, I believe that some of nature’s truths were founded by this man– and were never continued, then lost. After all, his people relied on him for remedies for various wounds, aches and pains, colds, etc. Kind of like our “Grandma’s” health recipes. Not sure now how I got started on this subject. Have a wonderful day!

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    • So wonderful to picture him, completely in touch with nature, living in harmony with it, understanding it. So sad that we have lost that ancient wisdom. Thank you for telling me about him.


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