Remember I wanted a new hat?

recycling hats

Remember I wanted to make a new hat

With the yarn from old hats I’d unravelled?

Remember I said Random Rose made a hat,

beret with ridges she cabled?


Well I followed the pattern that Rose kindly shared,

Though the yarn had lost elasticity.

The needles I used were not quite the right size,

But I wasn’t going to let that stop me.


So I finished my hat and I’m pleased how it went,

Cream and purple go well together.

I admit it turned out bigger than it was meant,

For my head is decidedly smaller.


As luck would have it, Miranda’s got a big head,

Though not the metaphorical kind.

So I decided to give it to her instead,

And I honestly really don’t mind.

recycled beret finished

recycled beret side

recycled beret back

Miranda's new beret

16 thoughts on “Remember I wanted a new hat?

  1. Danger: Vegan With Knitting Needles Ahead

    V: Do you do your own graphics? For the graphic novels/Web site? Curious – been thinking of venturing into some area such as this but it seems . . . overwhelming . . . learning how to design, use the software, etc.

    Anyway, nice job on the hat!!



      • Pretty much, yes. I was looking at a program called “Render” – vector graphics; the start screen alone is enough to induce a panic attack. So complex . . .

        And, when you say Paint, this is the program that comes with Windows .. and is at ??

        Thanks V.


      • . . . just wanted to say . . . it would help if I had any artistic talent whatsoever . . . I read/hear ‘anyone can learn to draw’ . . . which just makes me for frustrated because I think that should be ‘anyone can learn to draw except Erik’



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