I like birds

It’s time you met the beautiful birds of Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare!  Raystede rescues and re-homes chickens.  They have a lovely big garden to live in filled with places to play and have fun or rest and relax.  As well as chickens they have two magnificent turkeys who inspire awe wherever they go.


What are you looking at?Photo8347Come closer. I want to see what it tastes like.


Maybe you could take a picture of me looking to the right? I think my left side is my better side. What do you think? Don’t  I have beautiful eyes?


If you just come a little bit closer… that’s great.


Are you still here? I thought you’d be gone by now.



14 thoughts on “I like birds

  1. Great photos. The one hen at the end looks like Prairie Spy, the hen from the Watkins Glen Farm Sanctuary I adopted for my mom 🙂 You’re back! Or I’m back! We’re back! I missed seeing you and your blog. Apologies for my MIA status…seeing you this morning made my day. Peace.


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