Venus Aqueous: Beginnings

Here’s Venus: Beginnings – the first four episodes!

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And now it’s Venus’s turn 😀

The first four episodes of Venus Aqueous are now available as a proper comic!

Remade with Comic Life, these episodes are bright, exciting, action-packed adventures in which a girl with a special ability comes to the rescue of the animals who call for her help.

Venus Acton is a champion swimmer and captain of the school swim team but after an underwater incident leaves her with a special power, she uses that power to help those who need her and what she discovers changes her life, and her priorities, forever.

Of course you can read all of Venus’s adventures for free at Violet’s Vegan Comics if you want to, but for those who want to sit in bed and turn the paper pages, you know what to do! 😉

Created with Comic Life by Plasq

Author/Illustrator:  Violet Plum

Genre:  Children’s comics / juvenile…

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Don’t miss tomorrow’s vegan market!

The second Be The Future market is tomorrow and with lots of vegan food and products it’s going to be even better than the first! We’ll be there with FREE activities for children:

make your own Violet’s Vegan Comics Club membership card;

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do some vegan puzzles,

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read some vegan story books and comics

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we’ll see you there!

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Reflecto Girl: Beginnings

Check it out! 😀

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First Megan & Flos, now Reflecto Girl – all the brave girls stories are being turned into proper comics!  Here is Reflecto Girl: Beginnings – the first four episodes.  If you’re not familiar with Reflecto Girl, let me fill you in.

Renée Gale is an ordinary girl who becomes extraordinary with the help of an inheritance from her grandmother.  She becomes the latest possessor of the Dounto (pronounced doon-toe), a mystical mirror that has been passed down through the female line of her family since ancient Celtic times.  When the Dounto is held in front of someone doing something horrible to somebody else, the horrible thing they’re doing happens to them.

Armed with the Dounto, Renée is Reflecto Girl and she uses it to protect and defend animals 😀

Of course you can read all the stories for free at Violet’s Vegan Comics if you want to, but if…

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Reflecto Girl episodes 5 & 6: Sidekick & Harsh But Fair

Reflecto Girl 5 and 6 – now in paperback! Woohoo!

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Renée Gale became Reflecto Girlwhen she inherited the Dounto (pronounced doon-toe) from her grandmother.  The Dounto, an ancient Celtic mystical mirror, reflects people’s misdeeds back onto them.  With it Renée defends and protects animals by showing people just what it feels like to be on the receiving end of the kind of treatment they’re dishing out.

In episode 5 Reflecto Girl finds herself in a formal garden and what starts out as a lovely day turns ugly when she discovers the lengths some people will go to for a neatly manicured lawn.  She also learns something she didn’t know about the Dounto and gets herself a sidekick.

In episode 6, Renée, with her new sidekick, goes up against a government man who makes the common mistake of underestimating her and suffers some heart-breaking consequences.

This big, colourful comic book includes not only these exciting stories but also some…

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Venus Aqueous #5: Prison Break

Now Venus #5 is available in paperback! Check it out!!!

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It’s 2019 already?!  Well, we hope you’re having a happy new year so far and here’s some more good news: Venus Aqueous Prison Break is now a big, colourful comic book!

For those unfamiliar with Venus, you can catch up with the story so far at Violet’s Vegan Comics, and once you’ve got to know her, you’re bound to want to read episode 5 😀

In this chapter, Venus and friends have heard terrible things about the goings-on at their local public aquarium and they’re going undercover as volunteers to investigate. But what they find out is even more shocking than they knew. Their aquatic friends desperately need the girls’ help and Venus, Jean and Adi won’t let them down.

It’s another exciting adventure from the  popular comic series ‘Venus Aqueous’ about a champion swimmer with the ability to hear and understand marine animals. This full-colour second edition replaces the…

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