8 thoughts on ““You are what you eat” No 2

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    So Today is been Great. This all started less than a Month ago…Earth Day….LOL
    It is about a handful of days since i wrote last and each day Brings about New Thoughts, Info and CHANGES for the better in how I am looking at and Eating Food.
    Gone are Headaches I have had for YEARS, Sleep is 100% Better. Hubby Is down 12 pounds, I am down 5 maybe.
    I am not eating RAW TACOS…LOL…hummus is NOT Raw, The Salsa Had ADDED Sugars. I AM So MESSED up when I eat ANY sugar. So ONLY Fruits…..VERY EASY Now…It IS SUMMER. YAY!!

    Bought a smoothie Maker at Bed Bath and Beyond yesterday, can’t wait to try it. Bought Kale and a BUNCH of fits and veg to make a concoction. EXCITED!
    I am no longer sluggish …NOW that i found out that each time i ate animal products i was ACTUALLY FILLING my BLOOD with VISIBLE amounts of FAT. I watched a Youtube doctor Showing all this IN DETAIL. I am Pretty Darn HORRIFIED.
    I was eating all this meat and meat products and KILLING MYSELF.
    So I also gave up V8 A few days ago…it is NOT RAW…it is Reconstituted Veg Juice.
    I gave up PB 3 days ago I think. I WIll NEVER go Back to it…LOVE RAW ALMOND Butter…TY hank You, Dear Nina!!
    I Also Have to Thank My Friend S., She lit a fire of renewed Interested in My Own Health, as I saw Her Health So Vibrantly showing in some pictures and Her Encouragement got me thinking Hard enough to begin to Act in My Own Life Again.

    Raw for Us is the ONLY way to go.
    we are both feeling we are using a little too much salt…DH with it on his tomatoes and me with avocados. I have been eating 2 avocados a day with Himalayan Sea Salt….LOVE it.
    I am dealing well with all the changes. I LOVE Broccoli, leeks, the flavors in my salads just have me excited to eat and receive the WONDERFUL levels OF PURE ENERGY that i get from this diet/lifestyle.
    The Dark circles under my eyes are going away. Dh had some yellowing and harness in some spots on his toenails, as did I and this is Receding and looking BETTER and BETTER.
    Dh is NOT Snoring as Much and the sleep apnea he was experiencing is getting better. He has QUIT CAFFEIN for almost a week now…He is Doing Great.
    WASH BOARD ABS By Sept 4 Him!! He Will DO it!!
    I have lost Inches in my body also.

    I feel so Healthy.

    So we are eating all Raw…40% fruits and 60 %Veg. Nothing Cooked, canned or any of that!!
    I FEEL AMAZING and I want to continue this for the REST OF MY life.
    I have quit all supplements…I AM FLOORED. NO Vitamins, or Valerian for sleep or all the Other Litany of Stuff I was taking , THINKING it would HELP ME Find Health. JUST Eating Raw IS My Food Truth to Feeling Better!!

    Happy Friday!


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