Three Simple Rules


“Thou shalt not steal!”

Said Sam to Neil,

“You should not lie,”

Said Jane to Si.

“It’s wrong to kill,”

Said all to Jill

As she ate her big pork pie.


“I’d never steal!”

Replied cross Neil,

“I do not lie!”

Outraged was Si,

“I would not kill!”

Snapped back young Jill

As she swallowed piglet pie.


Welcome to Story Time

vegan story time

We are having fun making videos of some of our stories being read aloud and have decided to make Story Time a permanent fixture on our site.  So, if you want to be read a story, just click on the link in the sidebar to your right (or the big picture above) and choose a video 🙂  There are only two on there at the moment, but give us time, we’ll keep them coming 😉