Something unexpected that brightened my day

Recently I returned to my home town to visit family and, compared to where I live now, it’s like stepping back into the 1980s in terms of vegan options.  My dad was in the Coronary Care Unit of the local general hospital and there wasn’t a single vegan option on the hospital menu, for breakfast, lunch or dinner! The Coronary Care Unit!

Well, I’m sure you can imagine how I felt but on my way home my spirits were lifted.  I popped into the local library and look what was on the wall!

So don’t get disheartened, I said to myself – there are vegans everywhere, plugging away.

Whoever put this board up – thank you so much 😀

2 thoughts on “Something unexpected that brightened my day

    • That’s wonderful, thank you for telling me. I hope the UK will catch up – I read yesterday that the the British Heart Foundation (leading charity in the UK) – says “there haven’t been enough studies to prove that a plant-based diet is better for your heart than a meat-based one so, although it might work for some people, we can’t recommend it to everyone. Plus, it’s really hard to stick to!” 😮 !!!!! They obviously get big donations from the meat and pharmaceutical industries!

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