Small hands

Continued from yesterday 🙂 :

Saturday 12 October

I went to music school and learned how to play the theme tune to Rugrats on my keyboard!  My friend Dana is really good, and she showed me the songs she has been playing at home.  Virginia, who is my other friend, is learning to play the clarinet, and when she has learned to play the clarinet, she says she will learn to play the saxophone, like Lisa Simpson! The teacher played us some of his CDs, which he keeps in a big folder, like a photo album.  Our teacher is called Arlo, and his assistant is called Lucas.  Lucas said that Dana, Virginia and me always wear the same colours, and he asked if we planned it that way.  We laughed because we had never noticed that.

After keyboard lessons was music theory, which never makes much sense because most of the children are naughty, but also because we are all learning different instruments, so it feels disconnected to learn about theory without my keyboard in the room. I would rather they showed me how to play the piano with two hands at once, which is something I can’t fathom.

After music theory was choir, which I really like, I love to sing really loud and they give you sheets of words to lots of songs!

And after that there was drama, (Saturday drama club is different from Thursday drama club) we are making a production of Jack and the Beanstalk, and I am one of the giant’s arms!  We have a lot of songs to learn, and I am a market seller at the beginning, before I become the giant’s arms.  I like playing drama games too.  We play wink murder which is a game where you have to stand in a circle, and someone is the murderer, and if they wink at you, you have to die really dramatically.

Monday 14 October

I got one hundred percent correct on my times table test today! I had to do the fives, which are fun because they are easier than the others.  After that I had typing practice, but my fingers are too small to reach all the keys, so mum said I should wait for now and carry on learning to type when I’m bigger.

I finished reading the book, Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator! It was really funny.  Charlie, his whole family and Willy Wonka went up in the flying elevator, but his gran gets frightened, which means Mr Wonka can’t turn around, so they go into space, and start orbiting the Earth, and they get mistaken for aliens and it’s very funny.  That’s what I did in the morning, while mum was teaching BODMAS to Jude.  BODMAS is something to do with long multiplication, or something. Luckily I don’t have to learn it for a couple of years.In the afternoon I did a mental maths test, but I’m not very good at it.  I don’t like doing maths inside my head without writing anything down, especially if I’m being timed. I know now that two, three, five, seven, eleven and thirteen are all prime numbers, but I can’t remember how to calculate a perimeter.

Jude did touch typing, she is up to level 2 now, and she read her reading book.

Continues Monday 🙂


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  1. keyboarding, mean, mental math, Matisse, Willie Wonka, Linda McCartney, gravy from a box, stone age paintings, swimming, drama, sewing and knitting; the list goes on – now my brain is aswirl! 😀

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