It’s a shame about Garth

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Tuesday 15 October

We swam for an hour today, and we returned some books but we didn’t get any more out.  It was breezy outside riding our bikes, we put cotton wool in our ears so we didn’t get ear ache after swimming.  In English I have started reading a book called Carrie’s Warabout Carrie and her brother who are evacuated from London during the Second World War.  They live with a grumpy shop keeper and his sister, and they make friends with a little boy called Albert Sandwich.

After that I worked in my English workbook where I learned about paragraphs and comparisons.

For dinner Jude made “Hungarian potatoes” and pancakes.  “Hungarian potatoes” has slices of potato, fried tomatoes and onions and gravy and it’s all baked in the oven.  I made a coffee and syrup cake.

Wednesday 16 October

In science we learned how power stations store electricity, and that energy is always changing.  We made experiments out of a knitting needle and a cork and a salt pot which we cut the end off of to demonstrate how a water mill works.

At lunchtime we had peanut butter and Marmite on toast.  I like to make toast and put the margarine on straight away, so that it melts in and gets really soft.  Jude does it like that too, and Dad says she puts too much margarine on her toast.  Mum likes her toast well done, and I like mine so it’s hardly toasted at all, hot but not brown, Jude likes it to be medium toasted.

While we were eating we watched Cheers.  Cheers is great because it’s funny.  My favourite character is the woman who is played by the mum in Matilda, she is really great when she gets angry and goes crazy.  I can’t remember her name. I really like the theme tune.

In needlework we learned cross stitch sewing.  There are lots of different ways to sew, and we practised half-cross stitch and herringbone stitch.  When we finished we stuck them in our scrap books and cut out labels printed off the computer and stuck them in too.  We cut the labels out in decorative ways to make our books interesting.

Jude made drawings when lessons were over, she is really good at drawing cartoon people.  I played with my dolls and one of them broke in half because she fell while she was rock climbing.  The other dolls were pretty worried but it’s okay, because she was rushed to hospital and I Selotaped her back together again.

Jude has dolls from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  She has a Willow, a Buffy and an Angel doll.  But I’m not supposed to touch them, because they are very fragile, and sometimes their arms fall off.  Sometimes I do go and look at them though.

Thursday 17 October

This morning Jude was working on formulae for maths, which is all about triangles and circles and rectangles.  I do English while she does maths, and for English I had to write a story!  I wrote a story about a girl called Rakel who is supposed to go on a bus ride, but she doesn’t, instead she goes into this cave with her friends and finds magic crystals.  It all goes wrong when something bad happens and they have to run for it, and one of them, Garth, gets trapped and they have to leave him behind.  Mum said that was a bit harsh, leaving Garth behind, and I did feel bad about that, but that’s just a tragic part of the story.  I didn’t know how to end the story, so it doesn’t have an ending yet.

continues tomorrow 🙂


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6 thoughts on “It’s a shame about Garth

  1. If you get chance read my blog today. I have not been around because I had open heart surgery. It appears that years of eating meat clogged my heart with cholesterol and I had one hundred per cent blockage. Now I still to fruit and veggies with salmon and or tuna fish as a luxury. I recently watched Diners, and Dives which show eateries making their food from scratch. Each one uses tons of salt and sugar in their recipes. Having had a triple by pass I figure they are causing their customers to line up to hospitals to correct their mistakes of eating that type of food. Veggies live and meat eaters suffer. I use to be a meat and potato man and now have paid the piper. Keep up your good work. More people should heed the warning. Meat and fried food is a killer.


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