Punctuation and sponge-printed Christmas cards

continued from yesterday 🙂 :

We also did English, and I learned about punctuation and spellings.

We made Christmas cards this afternoon! We made stamps out of sponges and vegetables and then we dipped them in paint and printed onto card.  We made snowmen and Christmas tree and holly stamps, and we had lots of different coloured card.  It was fun to start getting ready for Christmas already! I don’t think it’s ever too early to think about Christmas and to get organised.

We made a lot because we need to send them to all our family and friends.  We couldn’t add baubles to the trees on the cards today because the paint was still wet, but we might be able to do that tomorrow.

I’m excited because the Saturday after next we are going to go to the Big Draw which is in town! That’s a drawing festival full of activities for us to try.

At six o’clock I went to drama club in town.  We are making a production of The Billy Goats Gruff for the old people at the care home and it is a lot of fun.  There are lots of songs to sing and not really any costumes, you have to use your imagination.  My friend Lydia is the littlest goat, and Benjamin is the medium sized goat, and I can’t remember who the biggest goat is.  There are only three goats and a troll in this story, and the rest of us sing.  We are the chorus.

Friday 11 October

In history we are learning about the Neolithic people.  They are the modern cave men, from about 10,000 B.C., although nobody really knows how long ago.  They made tools from stone, but they polished them, which the old stone age people didn’t do. They also lived in villages and made pottery.

This was when they started growing crops instead of picking plants that grew all by themselves, and stopped being nomads.

I think it would be cool to be a nomad, just wandering around and finding food that’s grown by itself.  Although, we did learn that living in houses gave the neolithic people time to do arts and crafts, so I can see how that would be fun too.

After lunch we worked on our projects. My project is knitting squares to make a patchwork blanket.  So far I have three blue ones, a stripey yellow one and a glittery purple one.  Today I made a green one and a purple and cream one.

Jude’s project is making a toy for a toddler, which she designed herself. She made this caterpillar out of fabric, and then she stuffed it with dry peas which we got from the health food shop.  She is sewing on letters and numbers for children to learn from, and a bell that jingles, to make it happy.

Then later on I made dinner. It’s good practice.  I followed all the instructions on the packets.  I made broccoli, carrots, Linda McCartney sausages, chips and gravy.  The broccoli and carrots were fresh, they needed chopping and washing, the other things were frozen, except the gravy granules, which come in a cardboard pot.  The gravy is easy to make, you measure it out with a spoon and boil the water in a kettle.  The sausages are tricky because if you don’t keep a careful eye on the grill they can quickly get overdone on one side.

After dinner we had soya desserts which come in little pots.


continues tomorrow 🙂


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