Animal Advocacy Pop-Up Library

Molly the cow who escaped the slaughterhouse and ran into the forest

The above is the gorgeous profile picture of HART: Hornby Animal Rights Team, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to animal advocacy and education, on Hornby Island, British Columbia, Canada.

On Friday March 30th, just two days from now, HART will be holding their first event – a community vegan potluck at New Horizons.

In addition to the vegan feast and short film, HART’s first event will also launch their animal advocacy pop-up library.¬† The library books will be on display for browsing and borrowing, and people will have the opportunity to become library members.

The pop-up library is a brilliant idea! ūüėÄ

They are planning to cycle from place to place with a trailer full of wonderful animal-friendly books, fiction and non-fiction, for children and adults, and be the most eco-friendly mobile library you can imagine.¬† You can read their books at the event or take them home and return them later ūüôā

Quite a few of our books are among the HART Animal Advocacy collection, I’m very excited to tell you, so if you’re in the area, take the opportunity to get over there and borrow something, and make some new friends while you’re at it ūüôā

If you’re not in the area, as most of us aren’t unfortunately, why not think about setting up your own Animal Advocacy Pop-Up Library in your community?¬† It’s such a brilliant idea don’t you think?¬† You can contact HART via their website or email them at¬† for more info about how they’re doing it.

The biggest jar I have ever seen

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Friday 13 December

Today we did more digging in the garden, which is a lot of hard work, but it is fun to be outside for science.

For lunch we had peanut butter and yeast extract on toast.  We’d got a giant jar of yeast extract from Daily Bread which is the biggest jar I have ever seen.

We watched the antiques programme where they have to look around a market and buy things and then hope they are worth a lot of money to win.  I don’t like it as much as the one where they look inside your house and sell your old things, but it is still very interesting.

After lunch we worked on our projects.  I finished a piece of my pig, which is one side, from the nose to the bottom, with two legs on it.There was something odd about it, and so I showed it to Mum and we worked out that I had accidentally knitted one of the legs on the wrong side of the knitting, so that one leg is in the right place, and the other leg is sticking out of his back. So I will have to start again from the beginning. But at least now I understand what it is meant to look like.

Monday 16 December

We had a needlework day today, because this is our last week before Christmas so we are going to spend the week doing arts and crafts.  I have been knitting my pig because I’d like to give him to Nan for Christmas.  I would have possibly finished him by now if only I hadn’t gotten mixed up with the pattern and knitted one of the legs on the wrong side.

Jude was sewing a cross-stitch for Grandad which has a Christmas tree with yellow baubles and red tinsel, and it will be in a frame.

For dinner we made home-made oven chips with beans, and Linda McCartney sausages!  I cleaned the muddy potatoes, Jude sliced them and cut off the bruises, and Mum showed us how to drizzle a tiny bit of oil all over the chips in the mixing bowl and turn them over to make them evenly covered, and then we put them in the oven.  We cooked the sausages under the grill with some sliced in half tomatoes.

Jude hasn’t found the lip balm, so that’s lucky.

Tuesday 17 December

We made rocky islands out of paper and card!  It’s brilliant!  We took a piece of cardboard, and then we made rocks out of screwed up pieces of newspaper, and a lighthouse out of a cardboard kitchen roll tube!  Once it was all glued down we painted blue and white waves around the rocks and painted the rocks grey.  The lighthouses we painted red and white striped.  I would love to live in a lighthouse.

In the afternoon I sewed my dress and Jude made scones.  Mum says my dress is nearly finished.  All we have to do next is put the buttons on and then it’s done.  I can’t believe it.  I can’t wait to wear it!

We finished reading Wuthering Heights! It’s one of the best books I ever read.  It’s so tragic dramatic, all the characters are interesting and I care about them all, even the ones I don’t like.

We have to write essays about the book and hand them in after Christmas.  My essay is about comparing the different houses in the story, and who lives in them, and what they are like.  Jude is writing an essay about how much the characters hate each other, and why.


Chapter 3 continues next Monday! ¬†Have a good week ūüėÄ


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Fruitcake, flapjacks and papier-m√Ęch√© dinosaurs

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Thursday 5 December

Jude made a fruitcake and flapjacks! I don’t know which I like best, because fruitcake is so sweet and juicy but flapjacks are golden and crunchy.

While Jude was baking I worked on my dress. Mum helped me to sew on the sewing machine and press the seams with an iron. We have a really old sewing machine which used to belong to our great aunt who was a seamstress.

I think being a seamstress would be a great job because I like sewing, and it would mean you could make all your own clothes! People used to make all their own clothes, that’s what they do in Little House on the Prairie.

Friday 6 December

In the morning we went to the shops, we got the food shopping for the week, and visited Button Boutique to look at needlework supplies. I bought some buttons for my collection: I got a pink one shaped like a flower and a green one with a sheep painted on it. They are fun things to get with your pocket money because they are only a few pence each. We also got chips from the chip shop afterwards!

We made papier m√Ęch√© dinosaurs this afternoon! They are tyranosaurus rexes and they are brilliant. We have to wait for them to dry before we can paint them, so they are in the porch right now.

Vegan book for children making papier mache dinosaurs in home school

Tuesday 10 December

We had a history test today. All morning we did revision by reading over our history exercise books, and then in the afternoon we had a test.

Mum made the test. She wrote three pages of questions about the things we studied so far this year in history, and we had to answer them. It was quite fun because I like quizzes, but I couldn’t remember some things.

I got sixty percent of my questions right, which Mum said is a B- grade! Jude got seventy four percent of hers right, so she got a B+.

Vegan book for children

Also we finished Little Town on the Prairie today. Our new morning reading book will be These Happy Golden Years (which is the next book in the series by Laura Ingalls Wilder).

I painted my papier m√Ęch√© dinosaur browny-purple with greeny-grey stripes. Jude’s is dark green and yellow, and Mum’s is yellowy-green with red eyes and blue spots all over his back. We should make other kinds of dinosaurs, stegosaurus and diplodocus and tricerotops.

I think my favourite type of dinosaur is the diplodocus, but I also like the other kinds too. I really like The Land Before Time films, my favourite character in that is Spike, But I don’t know what sort of dinosaur he is.

While I was playing after dinner I found Jude’s lip balm, which is strawberry flavoured. If you twist the bottom the lip balm comes out, like a glue stick. So I was just twisting it to see how far it would come out, and it must have come to the end because it got stuck. So I started twisting it in the other direction, but it wouldn’t go back in. And then it broke off, so I hid it under her chest of drawers.

Wednesday 11 December

It was really sunny but also chilly riding our bikes to the swimming pool, we wore gloves and hats and scarves. My bike is metallic purple, so is Jude’s, and Mum’s is golden.

In the afternoon I did decimals and fractions and adding and subtracting in maths. Jude did mental arithmetic.

We did quiet reading after maths. I’m reading a book called Refugee by Benjamin Zephaniah, Mum says she wants to read it after me, and Jude is still reading Emma.

For cookery we made nut-stuffed mushrooms! They were delicious and quite fancy. They would be great for a tea party. Mushrooms are not like other vegetables, they are special, because they are fungus.


Chapter 3 continues next Monday¬†ūüôā


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What Me And Jude Did …… Chapter 3 starts here!

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Monday 2 December

We went to town for a shopping exercise this morning.  Mum gave Jude and me ten pounds each and a shopping list each, and then we had to buy everything on the list for less than ten pounds and get the best value for money.  Mum said we did very well.

It was so fun to play at shopping! It was hard as well, because you have to do maths to work out which tin of beans or which box of pasta is best value for money.

You have to compare the prices, but you also have to¬†compare how much is in the boxes, and if it’s different¬†then you need to divide the cost by the quantity, so that you know how much money one gram costs.

I really like going to the shop we did the exercise in, it’s a giant health food shop, big enough to push a trolley round, called Daily Bread and it has lots of food you can’t get in the ordinary supermarket. You can buy dried apple rings and big bags of peanuts and vegan ice cream and banana chips. And you can buy special organic beans which taste better than ordinary beans because they have oregano and things in them.

It’s a long walk out of town, and once we were allowed¬†to choose a big bar of chocolate each and I ate my whole¬†one hundred gram bar on the walk back. ¬†We didn’t do that today though, we took a packed lunch with us and had a picnic while we waited for the bus.

We watched The Simpsons at six o’clock, and ate some of the nice things we got from Daily Bread. I ate apple rings and Jude sat in the big wicker chair and ate a lot of salted peanuts.

Fruit is a lot more fun when it’s dried out. Apple rings, banana chips, raisins, pineapple, mango, papaya. They are perfect for nibbling on. They’re just like sweets.

Tuesday 3 December

I had times tables tests this morning, and then we read Wuthering Heights together. I don’t like Catherine at all, she’s moody and spoilt. I don’t know why everyone is falling in love with her. I suppose they lived in the middle of nowhere, so there was nobody else for them to fall in love with.

After lunch we made treasure maps. We drew imaginary island maps with ‚ÄúX marks the spot‚ÄĚ for where the treasure would be, and then we used teabags to dye our paper brown and we baked it in the oven!

A few years ago me and Jude did bury treasure in the back garden. We dug a big hole under the cherry tree with the red leaves, and we buried all our pennies. After a few months we dug them up and spent them on sweets at the corner shop. I could tell the shop keeper thought it was strange that we had money covered in soil, but he didn’t say anything.

Wednesday 4 December

In the morning we read Little Town on the Prairie and then¬†learned some more about Boudicca. That was the final¬†chapter in our book about Boudicca. ¬†Nobody knows when she died or where she was buried, but they think she survived the final battle her people had with the Romans.We have started a new project for science about gardening. We read from books about plants and soil, and wrote things down in our exercise books. After that we went outside and dug a vegetable patch in the lawn. The ground is really frozen in the garden so it is really hard to dig at all. It’s cold outside so we wore our hats and gloves. We also turned over the compost heap¬†and put some of the compost to mix into the vegetable patch.

We had to hand in our essays about chapter seven of David Copperfield. Mum says they are both very good essays. I used lots of quotes and I didn’t say anything in the conclusion that I hadn’t said in the middle. My essay was about David’s friendships with Steerforth and Traddles.

When Dad got home from work we all had ginger cake.


Chapter 3 continues next Monday ūüôā


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Getting ready for the Christmas Bazaar

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Friday 29 November

In history we studied more about Boudicca and her battles with the Romans.  She sounds brilliant.  I like that she had long red hair.

This afternoon we made treats for the Christmas bazaar! I made chocolate hazelnuts and fudge, while Jude made chocolate oaty treats and peppermint fondants.  Fondant is great because you can do anything with it.  You can dip it in chocolate or stick leaves to it, or make it shaped like mice, or turn it pink with beetroot juice.  The fudge was so nice I wanted to eat it all.

I am really looking forward to the bazaar because it’s so much fun. There is always a raffle and a bric-a-brac stall and a stall where you can buy knitted tree decorations and a games stall and a lucky dip where you close your eyes and pick a prize.

They also have a mystery jars stall which has lots of¬†glass jars wrapped in Christmas paper and you pay fifty pence to buy a jar without knowing what’s in it! ¬†Sometimes the jar will have cotton wool in it, or sweets or toys or buttons or jam or anything. ¬†Once I got a jar full of mint imperials, which I wasn’t too keen on at first, but after I ate some I really started to like them. They¬†also sometimes have a game where you have to name a teddy bear, which is how Jude won those bears we drew in art.

Find out what Jude and her sister got up to in December – Chapter 3 coming soon ūüôā


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Steerforth, Traddles and the Warrior Queen

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In history we are studying Boudicca who was a Celtic queen.  Celtic women were equal to Celtic men, so when her husband, the Iceni King, died she became the leader of their people.

But the Romans didn’t believe women could own¬†property, so they tried to overthrow her by attacking her, her daughters and the village they lived in. ¬†So she got very angry and she rampaged the country collecting people to help take back the land which belonged to the Celts. ¬†The Romans were really bad and tried to fight her¬†army but the warrior queen was too sneaky for them.

After lessons Jude wrote in her diary. Jude has a diary¬†with a padlock on it, which she got for Christmas. ¬†It has¬†stickers and stamp pens which make love hearts and exclamation marks. I have seen it and it’s really tidy, she writes in different coloured pens and her writing is much neater than mine. ¬†And she’s really good at eking out her stickers. I can’t help sticking stickers nearly as soon as I get them.

Wednesday 27 November

After breakfast and chores we each read a chapter of Little Town on the Prairie out loud and then we had English and read chapter six of David Copperfield together.  Mum set us homework to read chapter seven and answer an essay question by next Wednesday.

We had cereal for lunch today. ¬†Jude got the free gift from the box, which was a plastic football player. He came with stickers which you could use to make his uniform stripey and decorated. ¬†Jude took the stickers and used them to decorate a toy car instead. ¬†It’s very good, it looks all ready for a demolition derby.

For needlework we are making cross-stitch tapestries! ¬†They will be beautiful when we’re finished. They’re so¬†delicate and complicated. They take a really long time to stitch.

The salt dough ornaments we made last week are ready to paint now so we painted them red and yellow and blue and green.  I tried to write Merry Christmas on one, but it was too small, so I wrote Xmas instead.  The holes we made for the strings are a little bit small, but we can make them bigger with a needle.  When the paint is dry we can varnish them with pva glue.

Thursday 28 November

I have read Chapter Seven now, it’s all about David being at boarding school and the friends he makes. He has two friends, Steerforth and Traddles, which is lucky because the teachers are horrible to him. ¬†At the end of the chapter Mr Peggotty and Ham come to visit David, and they meet Steerforth.

I don’t think I have ever written an essay before, and I thought it was spelled S.A.. Mum said that lots of people think it’s spelled S.A. when they first hear the word, and that a school friend of her’s wrote “S.A.s” in big letters on the front of her exercise book in the first year of secondary school.

Mum says an essay has to have an introduction, a middle and a conclusion.  The beginning is where you say what it is that you are planning to prove in the essay, the middle is where you explain why your point is true, and use quotes to prove it.  The conclusion is where you explain that you have now proven your point.


The end of November concludes Chapter Two tomorrow ūüôā


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Find the White Horse and other stories

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For cookery we made party food! We made a big bakewell tart and twelve miniature ones, sosmix rolls and a big sponge cake.  Mum helped us make pastry for the bakewell tarts and for the sosmix rolls, and I put the jam in the bottom of the bakewell tarts, Jude made the cake mixture and poured it into the tins.

We put it all in the oven to bake and while it was cooking we cleaned up the kitchen and washed up the bowls and spoons and things.

We went to bed early so we could read our books. I have already read thirty-seven pages of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix but there are still hundreds of pages left, so I know I won’t finish it before it has to go back to the library. ¬†It’s a great story! Hermione likes knitting just like me. ¬†Except she does magic knitting. ¬†She has a magic cat with one red eye and one green eye, who is really grumpy. ¬†I would like it if the story was all just happy, but sadly there are some scary characters too.

Thursday 21 November

This morning we read some more David Copperfield, it is such a good story we just wanted to keep going. ¬†We took it in turns to read it out loud. ¬†Poor David keeps getting in trouble with Mr Murdstone and his horrible sister who has taken over the house. ¬†At the end of the chapter we read today, chapter four, Peggotty is whispering to him through the keyhole of his bedroom door, where he has been locked, and she tells him he is going to be sent away the next day to school. ¬†It’s so sad because the three of them were so happy before Mr and Miss Murdstone arrived.

This afternoon we made salt dough Christmas tree decorations!  Salt dough is excellent. We made round ball ornaments and rolled the dough out and cut shapes like bells and circles and little people.  Then we made holes in them so that once they are baked we can thread strings through and hang them on the tree.

Then Jude worked with Mum going through her mental¬†arithmetic test, and I did a beat the clock maths test in my room at my desk. ¬†I had to clear my clothes off my¬†chair first because I keep forgetting to put them away –¬†I always think I’ll wear them again tomorrow so hanging them seems a waste of time but the next day I choose something different and eventually I’ve got nowhere to sit.

I finished reading my book I Want Doesn’t Get!

I really enjoyed it, it’s different to other books I’ve read. It’s all about this boy called Julian, who lives with his sisters, and doesn’t know where his mum has gone. I liked it because it had lots of little details about what Julian thinks about what’s happening, a lot of the pages had little notations at the bottom of each page, explaining words and phrases.

Tuesday 26 November

This morning we went swimming and I swam a whole width without touching the floor! Jude swam a whole length without stopping!

We went to the library and I chose some books to read¬†since I finished I Want Doesn’t Get on Thursday, and I had to return the Harry Potter book because it was due back at the library. I don’t mind taking a break from it, it’s really long.

I borrowed a book called Find The White Horse by Dick King Smith which is about two dogs and a cat and a pigeon who get lost from their homes and have to try to find their way back. ¬†It’s called Find The White Horse because one of the dogs lived in a house on a hill with a chalk horse carved into it, so he knows where he’s heading, and the other animals just want to come too.

I also got a book about toads and a book about witches. Jude got some more fox books and Mum got some history books.

continues tomorrow ūüôā


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Portraits and Gingerbread

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Friday 15 November

I am making a dress! ¬†I’ve got a whole lot of blue fabric and a pattern to follow. ¬†The first thing you have to do is cut out all the pieces of paper, pin them onto your fabric and cut around them. ¬†That’s what I did today. Next time I will sew the seams with the sewing machine.

While I was doing that, Jude made an apple crumble. I love apple crumble, I love the crunchy top and the soft fruit.  We had it after dinner with custard which Mum made.

I also had a times tables test today, and I scored nine out of twelve! ¬†Then we made drawings of Dmitri, which was wonderful because he’s so handsome. ¬†He’s black and white mostly, but I coloured in his brown eyes, his blue collar and his pink tongue.

In the evening we got dressed up and sat on the settee in a pose for Mum to paint us. I love being painted, I wore a scarf and a purple dress, and Jude wore her stripey top and Mum’s beautiful orange dress. It’s like being in the time of Robin Hood when they had to paint pictures of¬†each other because they hadn’t invented the camera yet.

It’s not finished yet, Mum says it will take several sittings for her to do the whole painting. So far she has painted us all in lines, and started to colour us in, but there aren’t any details yet.

Monday 18 November

This morning for English I wrote a letter in formal language, and Jude wrote poetry. I like writing letters, it makes me feel like I’m in a story, because I imagine all kinds of mystery and adventure could be started by a letter. Jude has a book which is entirely written in letters, it’s called P.S. Longer Letter Later. That’s a great title because all the words begin with L, which is alliteration.

After lunch Mum and I worked on sewing the bodice of my dress, which was really complicated! I’m so afraid I’ll sew it wrong, there’s lots of pieces to sew together and none of them look like pieces of a dress.

While I was sewing Jude made two gingerbread cakes! ¬†We had some after dinner and it is delicious! ¬†I love gingerbread cake, it’s so sticky! I like that it’s soft inside and crispy like toffee on the outside.

Wednesday 20 November

Today in science we tested our rainwater for pollution¬†and acid rain. ¬†We had these special pieces of paper, called ‚ÄúUniversal indicator paper‚ÄĚ which you dip in the water and then it changes colour depending on the pH levels. ¬†This is all to do with Hydrogen ions, and how many there are in the water. ¬†Too many mean it is acidic and too few make it basic. Ordinary water should be¬†somewhere in the middle, which is called neutral.So, if the rain water was basic, the test papers would¬†turn blue or purple, and if the rain water was acid the¬†papers would turn red or pink or orange. ¬†If water is¬†neutral, the papers turn green! ¬†And that’s what happened. ¬†We did the test several times because it’s fun.


continues tomorrow ūüôā


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Not Too Spicy For Dad

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Tuesday 12 November

We read to the end of chapter six of Wuthering Heights. ¬†It’s a great story, everyone is very mysterious and dramatic. ¬†I think Heathcliff is a bit scary, although you can’t blame him for getting cross with Mr Lockwood, he’s a very annoying character, I would get cross with him if I was Heathcliff. ¬†Nelly is my favourite character so far.

We have been writing out our reports for Operation Independence in our best handwriting.  A whole week of shopping and planning and cooking takes a long time to write out neatly.

In the afternoon we made salt dough plaques to hang on our bedroom doors. Salt dough is a bit like clay, so I pretended I was a sculptor. We made our names and decorated the edges with forks.

Wednesday 13 November

We did Batik today! ¬†We made our own dye by picking mint leaves from the garden and boiling them in water. ¬†Then we melted red and yellow wax crayons in a pot over some hot water, the same way you melt chocolate. ¬†We painted leaves onto a tea towel with wax, and then we let that go cold and used our mint dye to dye the tea towel green! Once that is dry you are supposed to remove the wax with an iron, but we haven’t done that yet.

In the afternoon we went to Nanny’s house and did cookery! ¬†Jude made samosas and I made spicy garlic mushrooms fried in batter. ¬†Sadly I don’t like them, they taste too spicy. I will feed them to Dad, because he likes things like that.

Thursday 14 November

Jude wrote a newspaper report for English today, which is one of her favourite things to do because one day she wants to be a reporter, like Lois Lane.

Mum said I should write an essay describing what happened on our trip to the Robin Hood Pageant.  I used a lot of adjectives.  Luckily I had written about it in my diary, which helped me remember the details.

Later on Mum made a still life for us to draw using a¬†fruit bowl and things. ¬†She showed us how to hold a¬†pencil differently to the way you do when you are writing words and numbers. ¬†You hold it gently so that¬†you don’t press hard.

We read some more Wuthering Heights today, I feel sorry for Heathcliff, he is so lovely when he is little. Nelly is still one of my favourite characters, I don’t like the Lintons at all.continues tomorrow ūüôā


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Running out of pink yarn

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Chapter Two continues …ūüôā

I’ve started reading my Harry Potter book, it’s good so far, it’s funny and exciting. ¬†I read some of it out to Mum and Dad, and they like it too. ¬†Jude is reading Emma by Jane Austen.

Jude told me that in her library book there are lots of different kinds of foxes, some with big ears, some which are white or orange, tiny little ones and great big ones.Thursday 7 November

For my dinner today I made pasta and pasta sauce and lettuce and tomatoes and cucumber! This project is so much fun! ¬†It’s great, I am pretending I’m a witch who lives in a big house full of witches, and it’s my job to follow the budget and feed us all. ¬†Jude made pasta and vegetable hotpot. ¬†It was really sunny today.

In the morning I did knitting. ¬†I’m running out of pink yarn for my pig, but Mum says that’s okay, because I can use brown because some pigs are pink and brown!

In the afternoon I read some more Harry Potter.  I really like all the descriptions of the different characters, Ron is very funny and Hermione is so caring.  They all live in a haunted castle together.

Friday 8 November

We are studying the Celtic people in history.  They were artists who made beautiful carvings of intricate knots and things.  Mum read from the book to us and then we answered questions and made drawings from photos in the book.

In the afternoon we worked on our own projects.  I am still making my knitted pig which I found very challenging today because I had to increase and decrease stitches to make a leg for him.

Jude was sewing beads onto her caterpillar, which is getting very pretty!  I asked her if she thought she would put wings on the caterpillar so that sometimes he could turn into a butterfly, but she said that would be impossible.

We had our geography test, we had to label each country on a blank map of Europe. ¬†I got twenty-six right! ¬†That’s more than half, because there are forty four countries in Europe. ¬†Next we are going to learn all the counties in the UK!

We also gave Dmitri a bath with mint and tea tree shampoo which keeps fleas away. Dmitri looks so sweet and little when he’s wet. ¬†It takes all three of us to give him a bath because he tries to climb out the whole time.

Monday 11 November

We visited The City Museum and Art Gallery and saw paintings and sculptures by an artist called Richard Barnard. ¬†I really like pottery sculptures, I bet it would be fun to make them. ¬†My favourite was a lovely sculpture of a sitting woman. ¬†I think it would be nice if sculptures were painted, because most of the time they are grey or brown, because that’s what colour the clay is.

We got some books from the library about Batik and Shakespeare and a book called Wuthering Heights by Emily Bront—Ď.

When we got home we read Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream which is about a naughty fairy who casts a spell on the fairy queen because he loves her, but all kinds of things go wrong, and everybody falls in love with the wrong person.


continues Monday. ¬†Have a lovely weekend ūüôā


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November began like so

For the first chapter of What Me And Jude Did While Everyone Else Was At School click here ūüôā

Chapter Two:

Monday 4 November

We are doing a project called Operation Independence! ¬†We have to plan and cook our own meals all week! ¬†This morning Mum gave us each ¬£20 and we went to the supermarket and bought all the food we think we’ll need! ¬†We each had our own trolleys, and had to check the prices of different foods to make sure we had enough money.

At dinner time we each made our own dinners!  I made Sosmix, steamed potatoes, broccoli, carrots and gravy, and Jude made tomato soup, muffins and salad.

We have to keep a record of everything we do so that we can write a report at the end of the week!

Tuesday 5 November

In geography today we have been memorising all the countries in Europe and making a map with them all on. ¬†It’s not easy to remember what all the countries are, there are so many! ¬†There’s a tiny little one which I keep forgetting the name of.

Later I baked a chocolate cake which is one of my favourite recipes, the edges are wonderfully crispy and the icing is really thick, it’s called chocolate fudge icing. I really like spreading it out over the top of the cake.

Jude made Hungarian potatoes for her dinner, with broccoli, and I made Sosmix, new potatoes and baked beans. I love baked beans, they are my favourite food. And Sosmix is delicious.  All you have to do is add water to the powder in the box, and make your sausages out of the mixture! Then you can cook them on the grill or in the oven or you can fry them.  I made mine on the grill because Jude was using the frying pan to fry her onions and tomatoes, and the oven to bake her Hungarian potatoes.  Hungary is one of the countries we need to remember for geography!

Wednesday 6 November

After swimming today we cycled through the park to the library. We don’t usually go that way, I have never been through that park before. It had a stream running through it which had some shopping trolleys in it, which is so sad for the birds and fishes, if there are any. I wonder why anyone would put them there? We rode our bikes over a bridge across the stream, and then took a short cut through the supermarket car park.

At the library we chose some books from the non-fiction¬†section about animals because we are starting our own¬†projects. I borrowed books about apes, and Jude borrowed books about foxes. ¬†I also got Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix ! ¬†It is the longest book I’ve ever seen! I haven’t read any of the other Harry Potter books, but this one looks really interesting. It’s got a red and yellow phoenix on the front.

When we got home we had lunch and then we read David Copperfield.  Sadly David has come home from his holiday with Peggotty to find that nothing in his house is the way he remembers it, and his mum is all stressed and uncomfortable.

Later on I made mashed potato pie with textured vegetable protein and tomatoes and onions and carrots¬†and gravy. It’s difficult to cut onions without your eyes watering ‚Äď I tried wearing sunglasses but it didn’t help. I stirred the gravy because it gets lumpy if you don’t stir it.

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Good ole Mr Peggotty

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Jude has been working on her caterpillar again, while I read¬†David Copperfield out loud to us all. ¬†David has gone on¬†holiday with Peggotty to Yarmouth. ¬†They go to stay¬†with her brother, Mr Peggotty, who lives in a boat on the¬†beach with two children, Emily, who is around the same age as David, and Ham, who is older and Mrs Gummidge. ¬†There is a funny conversation where David asks lots of questions. ¬†He finds out that Ham and Emily are cousins, who were both orphaned and then adopted by Mr Peggotty. ¬†Mrs Gummidge was married to Mr Peggotty’s business partner, but she is a widow now, and so lives with him too. ¬†They are all funny and interesting characters, I especially like Mr Peggotty, because you can¬†tell he likes David.After that mum helped me make a design and then I drew¬†it onto a T shirt with fabric pastels! ¬†My design had¬†flowers and a dog. ¬†I used purple and orange and blue¬†pastels.

Thursday 31 October

Today we had the special cereal with the strawberries in¬†it. I love that. ¬†I am always disappointed to find there is¬†no fruit in cereals which have fruit on the box, mum told¬†me that is just a serving suggestion. ¬†But today’s cereal¬†did have fruit in it! ¬†Jude and I always argue over who¬†has taken too many strawberries, but I can’t help it if they¬†happen to fall out of the box into my bowl.

In the afternoon we made pop up cards and collage cards by cutting up magazines and coloured paper.  Jude made drawings of cartoons and stuck them on paper springs, and I cut out pictures of dogs and cats and flowers from a magazine.

This was the last day of our first month of home-school.  I like it.


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Halloween pumpkins and old artefacts

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Monday 28 October

Mum said that because I haven’t been able to learn to type,¬†I could practise my handwriting instead. I have quite¬†good writing when I am careful, but it gets messy when I¬†rush or get distracted. ¬†After that I read my book. ¬†I‚Äôm¬†reading a book called I Want Doesn‚Äôt Get¬† by Rony Robinson. ¬†It‚Äôs really good. It‚Äôs about a little boy and his two sisters.

This afternoon I had a mental arithmetic test and a times table test.  I am not very good at doing maths in my head, so after the test mum went through all the questions with me and showed me how to do the ones I had done wrong.

I don’t really remember the times tables unless I do them one at a time, in the right order. Jude wrote a story.

Tuesday 29 October

We were going to do science this morning, but we wanted to do an experiment about the greenhouse effect, mum said it wasn’t sunny enough so we can do it another day.  So we did spellings instead.  We had to write out the meanings of the words we learned, and then we did our projects.  Jude’s caterpillar is nearly finished, it looks really good.  I am still working on my pig, which is not nearly finished.

We had tomato paté and salad sandwiches for lunch, and we watched the BBC play, which was about some ladies who go to live in a caravan, which starts to roll down a hill, but then it stops.

I wrote another story for English.  The exercise was to make a plan and then make a story.  This time I wrote a story about a girl called Bernice who meets a goblin in her garden, and then she gets into an argument with him because he won’t let her put the washing out.  Eventually the goblin runs away.

Jude was also writing a story, but hers had to have¬†propositions and complex sentences. ¬†Jude said she was¬†writing a really scary story with creepy monsters and¬†vampires. ¬†She’s really good at making up those sorts of¬†stories.

In cookery lesson we carved Halloween pumpkins!  We scooped out the insides and then we cut out scary eyes and teeth and noses, it was brilliant.

Wednesday 30th October

After swimming we visited the museum at the Heritage¬†Centre. ¬†It is great in there because you can see inside a¬†glass case pictures of what the town looked like a hundred years ago, and there are artefacts like tin pots and badges¬†from the 1920s. ¬†They have an old hair dresser’s chair with a¬†big blow drier fixed to the top. ¬†I don’t like that though¬†because it looks like an evil villain’s brain-washing chair.

I like the little room at the back, which is decorated to¬†look like a little kitchen, and you can look in at all the old¬†food tins and boxes from the early 1900s, and there is an¬†old kettle and an old iron and things. ¬†It’s really interesting.


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The Robin Hood Pageant

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Saturday 26 October

Today we went to the Robin Hood Pageant!  We went on the train to Nottingham in the morning, and when we got to the castle we had our picture taken with a statue of Robin Hood.

At the pageant there was archery, sword fighting and¬†jousting, just like in A Knight’s Tale! ¬†We didn’t go and¬†see that, but there were people dressed as knights, noblemen, noblewomen and peasants from history. ¬†Jude got a bow¬†and arrows so that she can learn to do archery, and I got a¬†wooden toy sword! ¬†And I also got a historical Robin Hood colouring book.

A woman showed us how she was making something on a loom, and there was a spinning wheel.  Mum bought a little loom so that we can make our own cloth!

We saw a potter, and he explained to us what his different pots were for.  He had a great tall pot which he said was for putting pears in, to store them and preserve them for the winter.  He said that you would fill up the pot with pears and then pour alcohol into it, and they would last a long time, and make a nice dessert.

Jude bought a money box from him which had a slot, but no hole in the bottom for money to come out.  You have to break it to get the money out.  The man said you could use a knife and some jam to try to get a coin out, but I think that would be difficult.

People were milling grains with a big mill stone, and they explained to us that they used to make very white flour for the rich people by putting all the milled grains into a piece of cloth to sieve out all the brown pieces, and the rich people would have white bread while the poor people would have the wholemeal bread flour which was left over.  She said that as a result, the poor people were much healthier than the rich people.

I got dressed up as a knight in chain mail and a helmet,¬†which was very exciting. ¬†I had my picture taken and it¬†was great. ¬†A knight’s armor is very heavy, so after I had¬†taken it all off I felt queasy, I don’t know how people¬†could walk around in that stuff, and fight battles.

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The Big Draw

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For maths I had to do brain teasers about square numbers¬†and division. ¬†That was exhausting! ¬†This afternoon we made still life pastel drawings! ¬†Mum¬†set it up for us to draw three teddy bears sitting in a row. ¬†They are Jude’s bears, she won them at the Christmas¬†bazaar by guessing the name of the littlest one.Friday 18 October

Tomorrow we are going to the Big Draw! ¬†I can’t wait! ¬†I¬†can hardly think about anything else. ¬†I was distracted all¬†through history this morning. ¬†We were learning about¬†the Bronze Age. ¬†That was when the cave people started¬†melting tin and copper and things to make bronze, so that¬†they’d have something other than stones to work with. ¬†The Bronze Age people invented writing and the wheel. ¬†We looked at pictures of Bronze Age roundhouses and¬†longboats in our history book.

We carried on working on our own projects, I have started a new project, knitting a pig!  I am following a pattern from a book about making toys.

Saturday 19 October

Today we visited The Big Draw!  It was at a big city art gallery.  I had a really good time.  Me and Jude made self-portraits and still life drawings and texture rubbings.  There were tables full of pieces of paper and crayons and boxes of pine cones and feathers and leaves to draw.

After that they took us into a room and there were lots of¬†children making a great big abstract drawing together, on a¬†huge piece of paper on the floor. ¬†There were lots of toy¬†cars and we dipped them in paint and then played with¬†them across the paper, making a drawing. ¬†It was a lot of¬†fun, and there was a raffle to see who got to keep the¬†giant picture, but we didn’t win it. ¬†It was great fun, we had such a good time.

Sunday 20 October 

We are having a half term holiday this week. I got up early this morning and watched cartoons.

When the post¬†came there was a free catalogue of women’s clothes, so I¬†took it out to the porch, cut out all the women and played¬†with them. ¬†They were great paper dolls, but eventually¬†I took them outside to have them swim in the puddle, and they all fell apart. ¬†

I did some drawings of the Power Puff Girls! Bubbles is my favourite because Blossom is bossy and Buttercup is angry.

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It’s a shame about Garth

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Tuesday 15 October

We swam for an hour today, and we returned some books but we didn’t get any more out.  It was breezy outside riding our bikes, we put cotton wool in our ears so we didn’t get ear ache after swimming.  In English I have started reading a book called Carrie’s War, about Carrie and her brother who are evacuated from London during the Second World War.  They live with a grumpy shop keeper and his sister, and they make friends with a little boy called Albert Sandwich.

After that I worked in my English workbook where I learned about paragraphs and comparisons.

For dinner Jude made “Hungarian potatoes” and pancakes. ¬†“Hungarian potatoes” has slices of potato, fried tomatoes and¬†onions and gravy and it’s all baked in the oven. ¬†I made a¬†coffee and syrup cake.

Wednesday 16 October

In science we learned how power stations store electricity, and that energy is always changing.  We made experiments out of a knitting needle and a cork and a salt pot which we cut the end off of to demonstrate how a water mill works.

At lunchtime we had peanut butter and Marmite on toast. ¬†I like to make toast and put the margarine on straight¬†away, so that it melts in and gets really soft. ¬†Jude does it¬†like that too, and Dad says she puts too much margarine¬†on her toast. ¬†Mum likes her toast well done, and I like¬†mine so it’s hardly toasted at all, hot but not brown, Jude¬†likes it to be medium toasted.

While we were eating we watched Cheers. ¬†Cheers is great¬†because it’s funny. ¬†My favourite character is the woman¬†who is played by the mum in Matilda, she is really great¬†when she gets angry and goes crazy. ¬†I can’t remember her¬†name. I really like the theme tune.

In needlework we learned cross stitch sewing.  There are lots of different ways to sew, and we practised half-cross stitch and herringbone stitch.  When we finished we stuck them in our scrap books and cut out labels printed off the computer and stuck them in too.  We cut the labels out in decorative ways to make our books interesting.

Jude made drawings when lessons were over, she is really¬†good at drawing cartoon people. ¬†I played with my dolls¬†and one of them broke in half because she fell while she¬†was rock climbing. ¬†The other dolls were pretty worried but¬†it’s okay, because she was rushed to hospital and I Selotaped¬†her back together again.

Jude has dolls from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. ¬†She has a¬†Willow, a Buffy and an Angel doll. ¬†But I’m not supposed¬†to touch them, because they are very fragile, and¬†sometimes their arms fall off. ¬†Sometimes I do go and look¬†at them though.

Thursday 17 October

This morning Jude was working on formulae for maths,¬†which is all about triangles and circles and rectangles. ¬†I do¬†English while she does maths, and for English I had to¬†write a story! ¬†I wrote a story about a girl called Rakel who is supposed¬†to go on a bus ride, but she doesn’t, instead she goes into¬†this cave with her friends and finds magic crystals. ¬†It all¬†goes wrong when something bad happens and they have to¬†run for it, and one of them, Garth, gets trapped and they¬†have to leave him behind. ¬†Mum said that was a bit harsh,¬†leaving Garth behind, and I did feel bad about that, but¬†that’s just a tragic part of the story. ¬†I didn’t know how¬†to end the story, so it doesn’t have an ending yet.

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Small hands

Continued from yesterday ūüôā :

Saturday 12 October

I went to music school and learned how to play the theme tune to Rugrats on my keyboard!  My friend Dana is really good, and she showed me the songs she has been playing at home.  Virginia, who is my other friend, is learning to play the clarinet, and when she has learned to play the clarinet, she says she will learn to play the saxophone, like Lisa Simpson! The teacher played us some of his CDs, which he keeps in a big folder, like a photo album.  Our teacher is called Arlo, and his assistant is called Lucas.  Lucas said that Dana, Virginia and me always wear the same colours, and he asked if we planned it that way.  We laughed because we had never noticed that.

After keyboard lessons was music theory, which never¬†makes much sense because most of the children are¬†naughty, but also because we are all learning different¬†instruments, so it feels disconnected to learn about theory¬†without my keyboard in the room. I would rather they¬†showed me how to play the piano with two hands at¬†once, which is something I can’t fathom.

After music theory was choir, which I really like, I love to sing really loud and they give you sheets of words to lots of songs!

And after that there was drama, (Saturday drama club is¬†different from Thursday drama club) we are making a¬†production of Jack and the Beanstalk, and I am one of the¬†giant’s arms! ¬†We have a lot of songs to learn, and I am a¬†market seller at the beginning, before I become the giant’s¬†arms. ¬†I like playing drama games too. ¬†We play wink¬†murder which is a game where you have to stand in a¬†circle, and someone is the murderer, and if they wink at¬†you, you have to die really dramatically.

Monday 14 October

I got one hundred percent correct on my times table test today! I had to do the fives, which are fun because they are easier than the others.  After that I had typing practice, but my fingers are too small to reach all the keys, so mum said I should wait for now and carry on learning to type when I’m bigger.

I finished reading the book, Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator! It was really funny.  Charlie, his whole family and Willy Wonka went up in the flying elevator, but his gran gets frightened, which means Mr Wonka can’t turn around, so they go into space, and start orbiting the Earth, and they get mistaken for aliens and it’s very funny.  That’s what I did in the morning, while mum was teaching BODMAS to Jude.  BODMAS is something to do with long multiplication, or something. Luckily I don’t have to learn it for a couple of years.In the afternoon I did a mental maths test, but I’m not very good at it.  I don’t like doing maths inside my head without writing anything down, especially if I’m being timed. I know now that two, three, five, seven, eleven and thirteen are all prime numbers, but I can’t remember how to calculate a perimeter.

Jude did touch typing, she is up to level 2 now, and she read her reading book.

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Punctuation and sponge-printed Christmas cards

continued from yesterday ūüôā :

We also did English, and I learned about punctuation and spellings.

We made Christmas cards this afternoon! We made stamps¬†out of sponges and vegetables and then we dipped them in¬†paint and printed onto card. ¬†We made snowmen and¬†Christmas tree and holly stamps, and we had lots of¬†different coloured card. ¬†It was fun to start getting ready¬†for Christmas already! I don’t think it’s ever too early to¬†think about Christmas and to get organised.

We made a lot because we need to send them to all our¬†family and friends. ¬†We couldn’t add baubles to the trees¬†on the cards today because the paint was still wet, but we¬†might be able to do that tomorrow.

I’m excited because the Saturday after next we are going¬†to go to the Big Draw which is in town! That’s a drawing¬†festival full of activities for us to try.

At six o’clock I went to drama club in town. ¬†We are¬†making a production of The Billy Goats Gruff for the old people at the care home¬†and it is a lot of fun. ¬†There are lots of¬†songs to sing and not really any costumes, you have to¬†use your imagination. ¬†My friend Lydia is the littlest goat,¬†and Benjamin is the medium sized goat, and I can’t¬†remember who the biggest goat is. ¬†There are only three¬†goats and a troll in this story, and the rest of us sing. ¬†We are the chorus.

Friday 11 October

In history we are learning about the Neolithic people. ¬†They¬†are the modern cave men, from about 10,000 B.C., although nobody¬†really knows how long ago. ¬†They made tools from stone,¬†but they polished them, which the old stone age people¬†didn’t do. They also lived in villages and made pottery.

This was when they started growing crops instead of picking plants that grew all by themselves, and stopped being nomads.

I think it would be cool to be a nomad, just wandering¬†around and finding food that’s grown by itself. ¬†Although,¬†we did learn that living in houses gave the neolithic people¬†time to do arts and crafts, so I can see how that would be¬†fun too.

After lunch we worked on our projects. My project is knitting squares to make a patchwork blanket.  So far I have three blue ones, a stripey yellow one and a glittery purple one.  Today I made a green one and a purple and cream one.

Jude’s project is making a toy for a toddler, which she¬†designed herself. She made this caterpillar out of fabric, and¬†then she stuffed it with dry peas which we got from the¬†health food shop. ¬†She is sewing on letters and numbers for¬†children to learn from, and a bell that jingles, to make it¬†happy.

Then later on I made dinner. It‚Äôs good practice. ¬†I¬†followed all the instructions on the packets. ¬†I made¬†broccoli, carrots, Linda McCartney sausages, chips and gravy. ¬†The broccoli and carrots were fresh, they needed chopping and washing,¬†the other things were frozen, except the gravy granules,¬†which come in a cardboard pot. ¬†The gravy is easy¬†to make, you measure it out with a spoon and boil the¬†water in a kettle. ¬†The sausages are tricky because if you don’t keep a careful eye on the grill they can quickly get overdone on one side.

After dinner we had soya desserts which come in little pots.


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Swimming like a frog

Chapter One of What Me and Jude Did While Everyone Else Was At School continues:

Tuesday 8 October

I am getting much better at breaststroke, so is Jude. ¬†Breaststroke is swimming like a frog. ¬†Sometimes I start¬†to sink, so I stand up, but I hardly did that at all today. ¬†When we go swimming there are not many other people at¬†the pool, but if you swim for a long time, which we did¬†today, a swimming class arrives, and they all line up beside¬†the pool and dive in together. ¬†It’s very impressive. ¬†I don’t know how to dive, I wonder if it makes water go¬†up your nose.

We went to the library after swimming, and borrowed¬†some more books. ¬†Jude got five books! I just got two. ¬†I got a book about dolphins and whales and sea creatures,¬†and a book called Charlie and the Glass Elevator, which is the sequel to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I haven’t¬†read the first book, but I’ve seen the film, so I understand¬†what happens in the story.

When we got home we went down the lane to pick¬†blackberries from the hedgerows. ¬†This is fun because you¬†get pink fingers. ¬†It is a careful business, you need to¬†choose the ones which are shiny and dark purple, avoid the¬†red and green ones, which aren’t ripe yet, also avoid the¬†ones which look like they have been half eaten by wasps¬†or birds or spiders.

For cookery I made apple and blackberry pie, and Jude¬†made oat biscuits. ¬†We worked at the table together. ¬†Then we made beans on toast for dinner. ¬†Jude stirred the¬†beans while I put the margarine on the toast, and Mum¬†laid the table. ¬†If you don’t stir beans, they stick to the¬†bottom of the saucepan. ¬†We have a dark blue cooker and¬†a bright orange kitchen.

Wednesday 9 October

In science we learned that energy is everywhere, and we learned about the energy in our bodies, in our blood and in our brains and things.

I like to daydream that we are making important scientific breakthroughs about the Sun, and that we have discovered that actually the Earth is slowly moving away from the Sun! Or that there are actually two Suns!  And nobody ever noticed because they are never in the sky at the same time.

In the afternoon we did sewing! Mum showed us how¬†to do straight stitch and satin stitch, and we practised them¬†on little pieces of fabric. When I’m sewing I pretend I am¬†someone from Little house on the prairie, mending clothes¬†for someone. ¬†With satin stitch I sewed a circle in green, pink, blue and yellow on a white and green striped piece of¬†fabric, and Jude sewed hers on a dark blue piece of¬†corduroy.

Thursday 10 October

In the morning we usually get up early, have breakfast¬†and then I do the washing up, Jude walks our dog, Dmitri,¬†and Mum sweeps the floors. ¬†We do those jobs as quickly¬†as we can so that they’re all done in time for us to¬†watch Bewitched before lessons start.

Last time I did maths I thought I nearly understood¬†mean, median and mode, but they were different today¬†than last time I saw them. ¬†Median is the only one I can¬†remember. At least I’m not doing long division, which is¬†what Jude was studying this morning.

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Reading David Copperfield and painting like van Gogh

Thursday 3 October

This morning we read some more David Copperfield¬† and then had a spelling test. ¬†Chapter Two is called ¬†“I Observe” and David talks about his earliest memories¬†of his mother and Peggotty, their servant. ¬†It is very¬†funny.

In the afternoon we made paintings. I painted a scene with sail boats by Matisse, with lots of dabs of pink and blue.  Jude painted A Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh.  I really like Matisse and van Gogh’s paintings, they make everything so beautiful and colourful.  We painted all afternoon, at the table.  It takes a long time to paint in dabs and patches, so we haven’t finished our paintings yet.

Friday 4 October

In history we learned about the Stone Age.  Nobody knows very much about the Stone Age, because it happened such a long time ago.  Luckily the people of that time made paintings in caves for us to refer to.  Mum read about the Stone Age to us, and then we answered questions from the book, and drew pictures of the cave drawings.  Most of the cave drawings were of animals.

At lunchtime we had crackers and watched a program about antiques, which we all like, especially Jude. We have our favourite antiques experts, and it’s fun to see how ordinary things can be worth a lot of money.

After lunch we carried on painting our reproductions. I found it difficult to fit every detail into the picture. 

Saturday 5th October

Today Mum, Jude and me went on the bus to the museum and art gallery in town. They had Stone Age artefacts in glass cases.  It is fascinating to see little pieces of the past all dug up from underground, forgotten for years and now sitting in a display box.

The museum also had an exhibition of different sorts of shoes from history, baby shoes, dancing shoes, working boots.  I liked the red glittery dancing shoes, and the video of the fashion show.  Some of the shoes were really old and fragile.

Near the entrance of the museum there was a giant elephant made out of cardboard, which was amazing! We went in the gift shop and looked at all the souvenirs, they had books and pencils and old coins and toys from history.

Monday 7 October

Today we had separate lessons because Jude is three years older than me, so she needs to learn different maths. Jude and Mum worked downstairs on ratios and long multiplication, while I worked upstairs.  I read my Sabrina reading book, practised typing on the computer, and then practised playing music on the keyboard.

I was trying to learn a song called Beautiful Brown Eyes,¬†but it didn’t sound right. ¬†So far I can only play music¬†with my right hand, which is on the treble clef. ¬†Hopefully¬†one day I will be able to play with both hands at the¬†same time.

In the afternoon it was my turn to do maths. ¬†I studied¬†averages, which is mean, median and mode. ¬†I found this¬†difficult because it’s really complicated. ¬†Median I find¬†easier to remember, because it sounds a bit like “middle” and¬†that’s what it’s all about. ¬†The other two are something¬†different.

Jude did typing and read her reading book, The Worry¬†Website. ¬†She doesn’t want to learn to play the keyboard,¬†so she didn’t play any music.


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New story starts today: it’s a wonderful vegan life

What Me And Jude Did While Everyone Else Was At School

Chapter One: ¬†I left school aged 9¬ľ

Tuesday 1 October

This morning we cycled to the swimming baths.  We have decided to go swimming once a week, Mum, Jude and me.  The curtains in the changing rooms were blue and yellow, and we needed a pound coin each for the lockers.  I always try to pack my clothes away with my shoes at the bottom, and my towel on the top.  

Mum is teaching us to swim the breaststroke, you have to keep your fingers together and push the water behind you, at the same time you bend and straighten your knees.  Mum said to picture how a frog swims.  We swam for about an hour and then we went to the library.  

The library is a really comfortable place to¬†browse books and read. ¬†There‚Äôs a whole section of¬†children’s non-fiction and fiction, I once found a¬†really good bouncy ball on the floor near the toddler¬†books. ¬†Today I found a Sabrina the Teenage Witch¬†novel for my new reading book, and a book about¬†dogs. ¬†I needed a new reading book because I finished¬†The BFG on Sunday. ¬†Jude chose The Worry Website¬†by Jacqueline Wilson, one of her favourite authors.

At home in the afternoon we read David Copperfield together.  We each have a copy, and we take it in turns to read it aloud.  I’ve written my name in my copy.  David Copperfield is a really long book by Charles Dickens, we started reading it the other day, when Mum got us each a copy from the Heritage Centre.  We finished the first chapter today, it is really interesting.  It starts off when he is born, and then carries on.


Wednesday 2 October

This morning we learned that all energy comes from¬†the Sun. ¬†Plants use the Sun’s energy to grow, and so¬†when we eat plants we are eating the energy the Sun¬†gave the plants.

We had a needlework lesson this afternoon.  Mum showed us how to hem, and how to sew running stitch. I really like sewing, we used little pieces of fabric scraps to practise, and then we stuck them in our purple scrap books which is where we record our sewing.

Jude finished her sewing first and she used the rest of her lesson time to flick me with elastic from the sewing box.  This was annoying but it was funny too.  I carried on sewing and finished my running stitches, Jude said she was impressed by my reflexes.


continues tomorrow ūüôā

Giveaway Number 4 Winner!

giveaway 4 winner

The fourth and final Honestly Books giveaway draw has taken place and the winner is B Mackela! ¬†Congratulations Bill – you have been twice lucky ūüėÄ and How many friends could a Bibbolybob make if a Bibbolybob came to Earth? [The Little Edition] by Edward Benn and Juliet Mahoney will be on its way to you very soon.

We hope you enjoy it ūüėÄ

So that’s it for the Honestly Books giveaways. ¬†Thank you to everyone at Honestly Books for donating those to us, and to everyone who entered the draws.

We highly recommend Honestly Books to anyone looking for lovely books for children for Christmas and we hope our winners will thoroughly enjoy their prize[s] ūüėÄ

The Final Giveaway: How Many Friends Could A Bibbolybob Make If A Bibbolybob Came To Earth? THE LITTLE EDITION


The fourth and final of our Honestly Books giveaways is very similar to the first – How Many Friends Could A Bibbolybob Make If A Bibbolybob Came To Earth? – but it’s a little one! ¬†It turns out that this early learning title, by Edward Benn and Juliet Mahoney, has been so popular that Honestly Books decided to release a miniature second edition. ¬†Well it’s not that tiny – just about the size of a standard paperback – but it’s not as big as the great big first edition ūüėÄ

Anyway, let’s get to the point. ¬†Apart from it’s size, this has everything the first one had: a cute story with cute animal characters, a cute alien visitor and an introduction to numbers for little children. ¬†Look here for our review ūüôā

If you would like to win a copy of this dainty little picture book, just comment on this post and you will be entered into Friday’s draw ūüôā It’s your last chance to win so good luck!

For those not lucky enough to win one of these lovely books, of course you can find them all on Amazon ūüôā

Children’s Books Giveaways!

We’re very excited! ¬†Honestly Books are so happy with our reviews of their books (see here) that they’ve sent us a selection to giveaway to our readers! ūüėÄ

children's books giveaway


So, here’s what we’re going to do – starting tomorrow we’ll give away one book a week to a lucky prize draw entrant anywhere in the world. ¬†All you have to do is comment on the giveaway post, letting me know you want to enter.

Come back tomorrow when I will announce which book will be the first giveaway ūüėÄ

Christmas is coming …. I wonder to whom Father Christmas will be bringing a lovely new book ūüėČ

Henry David Thoreau

Henry David Thoreau

‘One farmer says to me, “You cannot live on vegetable food solely, for it furnishes nothing to make bones with;” and so he religiously devotes a part of his day to supplying his system with the raw materials of bones; walking all the while he talks behind his oxen, which, with vegetable-made bones, jerk him and his lumbering plough along in spite of every obstacle.’

Henry David Thoreau

from Walden in the chapter named ‘Economy’

M is for Mackerel

Mackerel    noun

Oxford Dictionary definition:  Edible sea fish.

Our definition:  The Atlantic mackerel (Scomber scombrus) is a beautifully streamlined, fast-swimming fish. It has silver underparts and metallic green and blue upper parts with irregular bands along the back.

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