Dandelion Dandelion


Oh glorious dandelion

So misunderstood.

Maligned as a weed

Don’t you wish you would

Be valued and treasured,

Encouraged to grow,

To extend your long leaves

Sun gold flowers to show?

Your leaves make good salads,

Green smoothies and juice,

Your flowers bright and yellow,

Sweet to taste; you produce

Vitamins and minerals

So many in abundance.

One day you’ll be treasured,

Recognised for your brilliance.

16 thoughts on “Dandelion Dandelion

  1. Love dandelion greens in my smoothies, and a friend got me hooked on Swiss chard. Funny how I eat all the things my dad forced us to eat as kids, but he thinks it’s weird and unhealthy now…


  2. I was just admiring our dandelions as they opened their golden petals to greet the sun on Sunday. Dandelions are much maligned and definitely deserve an ode in their praise (nettles too!) ๐Ÿ™‚


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