Miranda at Shavt


Shavt “Simply Healthy And Vegan Things” is a brilliant shop which I visited while I was in Belgium.  They have a great selection of vegan foods for meals, snacks and sweets as well as other things like lip balm!

Unfortunately my camera battery died after I took this picture.  But!  I want to recommend you go and look at these other blogs which have great posts to show off the wonders of Shavt!

Click here for Sophie’s post on Sophie’s Foodie Files!  Which has lots of great pictures of inside Shavt. 😀 

Click here for the Bruges Vegan’s post about Shavt!  Where you get to see the Shavt vegan cheese, close up and ready to eat 😉 

You can also pop over to see the Shavt website!  Click Here.

Dandelion Dandelion


Oh glorious dandelion

So misunderstood.

Maligned as a weed

Don’t you wish you would

Be valued and treasured,

Encouraged to grow,

To extend your long leaves

Sun gold flowers to show?

Your leaves make good salads,

Green smoothies and juice,

Your flowers bright and yellow,

Sweet to taste; you produce

Vitamins and minerals

So many in abundance.

One day you’ll be treasured,

Recognised for your brilliance.

Vegan Organic Fair-Trade

vegan organic fair trade

Today I ate a bar of chocolate,

Vegan organic fair trade.

For taste, enjoyment and ethics it

Put other bars in the shade.


My chocolate went down so smoothly with

A piping hot cup of tea,

Vegan organic and fair trade too,

Happy indulgence for me.


Bananas we eat

And oranges sweet,

Are vegan organic fair trade.


On porridge we add

Sugar, just a tad,

That’s vegan organic fair trade.


The coffee and cocoa

And fruit that we can’t grow,

All vegan organic fair trade.


Vegan organic fair trade.

Vegan organic fair trade.

Just make up your mind

To keep purchases kind,

Buy vegan organic fair trade.