Vegan Doll

vegan doll

My sister has a vegan doll who has bright orange hair.

My sister said her vegan doll is prob’ly very rare.

She said there can’t be many dolls who simply couldn’t bear

To attend a tea party if there is cow’s milk there.


“I have to say, I understand,” my sister said to Mum,

“Why Rosa doll won’t eat an egg out of a chicken’s bum.

‘Thou shalt not kill’ said Reverend John, not ‘thou shalt not kill people‘.

Isn’t it right to be kind when we can? Shouldn’t that be our rule of thumb?”


My sister smiled at Rosa, her red-haired vegan dolly,

“I’m going to do what you do, so are Mum and Dad and Molly.

And all of my dolls will be vegan now so tea parties won’t exclude you,

The tea will only have oat milk in and there’ll be vegan cake on the trolley.”

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