Luke Walker’s Privut Notebook

vegan book for children

We’re so glad you’ve been enjoying the adventures of Luke Walker, animal stick up for-er, and thought you might be interested to know that he has made a notebook.  It’s not the prettiest of notebooks as it’s just an exercise book, originally intended by Mrs Tebbut to be his maths book, which Luke felt would be much better put to another purpose.

vegan book for children

He’s setting up a secret sersiety of animal stick up for-ers and welcomes others with prince pauls like him to join.  All new outlaws should have a copy of this notebook and put their name on the list of proppa members.

vegan book for children

All member outlaws must agree to the plej …

vegan book for children

… and follow the sersiety rules.

vegan book for children

According to Luke, to be an outlaw you must think to question everything you’re told …

vegan book for children

… to consider if it’s really true.

vegan book for children

Luke has worked hard on this notebook, all by himself.  He has included lots of useful information – like people from history who had prince pauls, …

vegan book for children

… and how to make your own secret code-maker/breaker which is an essential for every secret sersiety member.

vegan book for children

Plus he has left lots of space for new members to write in.

vegan book for children

vegan book for children

vegan book for children

There is even a top secret coded message which new member outlaws will be able to decipher when they’ve made themselves a code breaker.  And there’s space for more coded messages to be added by new members.

vegan book for children

All in all, Luke is very pleased with his Privut Notebook which is available from Amazon at the very reasonable price of £2.75

You can’t say fairer than that 😉

Here are a couple of Luke’s friends with their copies:

Might as well make the best of it.

Continues from yesterday:


But, it was nice weather, and anything was better than being stuck in a classroom.  Luke decided he might as well try to make the best of it.

Mrs Tebbut pointed at two big tigers.

“What can you tell me about the tigers in this enclosure?” she asked the group.

Luke was shocked.  He put up his hand.

“Are they criminals?” he suggested.

“Don’t be silly Luke, of course they’re not criminals.”

“Well it don’t seem fair to put innocent animals in prison.”

“Can anyone give me a sensible answer?”

Simon Butler read aloud from the board on the fence.

“They’re Bengal tigers; well known for their power and strength; one of the most feared predators in nature.  In the wild they scent mark large areas of up to 100 square kilometres to keep their rivals away.”

“Very good Simon,” Mrs Tebbut smiled.

Luke didn’t think there was much to smile about.

“The wild ones live in massive places, prob’ly bigger ‘n Bournemouth, and this cage is smaller ‘n my back garden.  No wonder they look fed up,” he thought.

They moved on.  Luke lagged behind with diminishing enthusiasm.  Mrs Tebbut drew everyone’s attention to another enclosure.

“Can anyone tell me what these guys are?”

“They’re penguins,” said Anna.

“That’s right. Does anyone know what type?”

“They’re bored penguins.”  He knew the moment he said it that he’d said it too loud.

“Luke Walker!  I am tired of your attitude!  If you can’t enter into the spirit of things with a smile on your face and some genuine effort then kindly do not participate at all.”

That was fine by Luke.

“Why do teachers ask you what you think if all they really want you to tell ’em is what they think?” he grumbled to himself.

When Mrs Tebbut was distracted by Katia getting a splinter, Luke decided to take her at her word and ‘not participate at all’.  He was better off on his own anyway.  He wandered around the zoo, looking at the animals and feeling sorry for them.

“Don’t seem right to lock animals up when they ‘aven’t done nothin’.  It’s like the Sheriff of Nottin’am all over again.”

He noticed an empty bench in front of a line of trees, away from the busier zoo paths, and decided to have a sit down.

“It’s a shame about zoos,” he thought, disappointed.

While he sat there he looked around.  Over his left shoulder, behind the trees, he saw another enclosure.  It was off the beaten track and smaller than the others.  It was concrete and contained nothing of beauty or interest except its occupant.  There stood the biggest, most breath-taking, awe-inspiring individual Luke had ever encountered.  An elephant.  All on her own. 

“All on your own,” Luke sympathised, as he made his way to her, “another damson in distress.”

He climbed up on the fence so that he could talk to her over the top of it and she walked towards him to get a closer look.

“I’m on me own too,” he continued, “not stayin’ with the group if I’m not wanted!”

Then he had an idea.

“Would you like to come out an’ play with me?”

The elephant seemed interested so he went on.

“Ok, listen, we’ll have to be a bit sneaky.  You wait here while I find a key; then I’ll open this gate and you can slip out before anyone sees.”

It was a brilliant plan!


Continues tomorrow, but if you can’t wait you can read the whole story here now 😀

and the first eight chapters are also available in paperback 🙂

vegan book for children

Walnut Counting Rhyme

grey squirrel

Up and down the walnut tree,

The squirrels run,

Just for fun,

Collecting nuts for free.

1, 2, 3.

The 4th they drop for me.


From branch to walnut branch,

The squirrels jump,

Without a bump,

Collecting nuts for free.

5, 6, 7.

The eighth they drop for me.


Round and round for walnuts bound,

The squirrels dance,

They skip and prance,

Collecting nuts for free.

9, 10, 11.

The 12th they drop for me.


Squirrels full of energy,

Go from tree to walnut tree,

Collecting nuts for free,

And dropping them for me.

When they have 30

How many will there be for me?

grey squirrel

Did you know that squirrels communicate with each other through various vocalisations and scent marking. They also use their tails as a signalling device, twitching it when uneasy to alert other squirrels of potential danger.  I have seen this and it’s fascinating to watch.

For more interesting facts about squirrels pop over here

Junior’s thinking …


“About words and what people think they mean.”

“I don’t follow.”

“Well consider the word ‘people’, for example.  If  I asked someone what the word ‘people’ means they would probably say: “It’s the plural of ‘person’ and a person is a human being.””

“Ok, I’m with you so far …”

“but I think that definition is incomplete.”

“How do you mean?”

“To my mind, the definition of ‘a person’ is anyone with an individual personality.  Like you Chiksa, you have your own distinct personality don’t you?”


“And you’re not like every other chicken in the yard?”

“Certainly not! I’m not bossy like Henny-Penny, or painfully shy like Henrietta.”

“So you see my point.  You are not human but you have a personality and that makes you a person. That makes all animals people.”

“That’s the logical conclusion to draw, yes.”

“Which brings me to my next thought: why do people think it’s ok to eat people?”

Vegan Doll

vegan doll

My sister has a vegan doll who has bright orange hair.

My sister said her vegan doll is prob’ly very rare.

She said there can’t be many dolls who simply couldn’t bear

To attend a tea party if there is cow’s milk there.


“I have to say, I understand,” my sister said to Mum,

“Why Rosa doll won’t eat an egg out of a chicken’s bum.

‘Thou shalt not kill’ said Reverend John, not ‘thou shalt not kill people‘.

Isn’t it right to be kind when we can? Shouldn’t that be our rule of thumb?”


My sister smiled at Rosa, her red-haired vegan dolly,

“I’m going to do what you do, so are Mum and Dad and Molly.

And all of my dolls will be vegan now so tea parties won’t exclude you,

The tea will only have oat milk in and there’ll be vegan cake on the trolley.”

Vegan Children’s Book – Arktel: The Planet Only Children Could Save

Find out more at

Arktel: The planet only children could save is a beautifully illustrated book by Menkit Prince.

It’s about three planets: Tarjez, Arktel and Earth. On planet Tarjez, we fast forward to what could happen if we keep going the way we are on Earth i.e. total destruction.

Children from Arktel witnessed the destruction of Tarjez and decided to take action because they saw similar trends happening in their world that could lead to Arktel’s destruction.

The Arktel website is not only about the book but also about how children here can save our planet.  It’s honest and straight-forward as well as being a brilliant educational resource for children, their carers  and their teachers.  It’s a heavy subject but unless we look it straight in the eye and acknowledge the crisis we are facing, we will never overcome it.  This book and its associated website challenges us not to get depressed but to do something about it.


We can you know 🙂

Edmund’s Lunch – New and Improved – Coming Soon!

new Edmund's LunchEdmund’s Lunch is following hot on the heels of “I’m not dinner!” and is currently being revamped.  That means that in a couple of days you’ll be able to get Edmund’s Lunch on your Kindle!  But that’s not all – the new and improved versions of “I’m not dinner!” and Edmund’s Lunch will soon replace the old ones on this site too so everyone can enjoy the new paint job!  Gotta run, see ya soon 🙂

New and improved “I’m not dinner!”

"I'm not dinner!" now available for Kindle

“I’m not dinner!” now available in Kindle and paperback editions

“I’m not dinner!” has had a new paint job and is now available as an individual story on kindle and as part of the ‘Why are you a vegan? and other wacky verse for kids’ bumper compilation paperback 🙂

vegan picture book for small children

Of course you will always be able to read it for free right here

I'm not dinner 9

I'm not dinner 10

Luke Walker gets Kindle-ised!

Luke Walker and the damsons - now available on Amazon Kindle

Luke Walker and the damsons – now available on Amazon Kindle

Luke Walker and the damsons is the second of Violet’s Vegan Comics’ stories to be made available on Kindle.  Pop over here to look at the vegan comic for boys on Amazon and, if you like it, maybe you could write a review?

bones and teef is on there too don’t ya know, and this is just the beginning 🙂

It’s here at last! Episode 1 is complete at last! Luke Walker and the damsons!

LW19Luke Walker is on a mission!  He’s an outlaw and he won’t let a little thing like doing as he’s told prevent him from helping animals.  He lives by his own rules; he acts on instinct; he speaks out fearlessly and …. he really could be in for it this time!

Check out the first issue of Luke Walker – animal stick up for-er, vegan comic for boys, episode 1 Luke Walker and the damsons – you won’t regret it! 😀




5 Reasons Strawberries Are Good For You

1.  They are high in antioxidants.  They’re rated the fourth highest in antioxidants out of all the fruits, only to be beaten by blackberries, cranberries and raspberries.  Antioxidants play a role in keeping our cardiovascular system in tip top shape

2.  They’re a great source of vitamin C, which plays a large part in keeping our immune system strong and healthy. Vitamin C can also help fight stress.

3.  Strawberries contain magnesium, a mineral that helps our body produce energy and maintain strong bones and healthy teeth.

4.  Because they contain potassium, strawberries can help your muscles and nerves function properly, lower your risk of high blood pressure and can help your body maintain healthy electrolyte levels.

5.  Given their high antioxidant and anti inflammatory benefits, strawberries are considered a cancer-fighting food.

Oooh, can’t wait til summer – bring on the strawberries! 🙂


shingle beach

Crack crunch shingle slides

Under my feet, the sand hides

Salt smells float on the breeze

It makes me smile, the scent of the seas


Waves crash, advance and retreat

Gulls call, for others to meet

But sharp tones, unnatural, manmade

Objects litter, spoil and invade


I lift and tidy, pick up the mess

Don’t allow plastic to spoil nature’s dress

Dangerous to some, others think it’s food

Getting it out of harm’s way makes me feel good

 litter on the beach