Fairy Tales Fairy Tales

It’s way past time for a new Fairy Tale and, since we’re approaching Halloween it’s the perfect time.  So, on Monday, we’ll begin a scary new tale by Maud Earnshaw, illustrated by Beatrice Wilberforce:

The Wicked Witch’s Plan To Get Rid Of Everyone

Ooh, I’ve got shivers 😮

And, just to get you in the mood, here’s a poem (read it aloud, slowly) 🙂 :


“T-wit T-woo,” go the owls,

Sc-ratch and dangle, the spiders.

The witch is thinking, she frowns, she scowls,

New brooms fly by with riders.


A flickering light, the rising of smoke,

From the clearing, through the trees,

Gives away the location of quivering folk

Around the fire, on their knees.


In a fairy tale world with fairy tale rules

The wicked have much to fear.

They’ve been unkind, selfish, heartless fools,

Which won’t be tolerated here.


Fairy tales, creepy tales, mystical magic tales,

Castles and fairies and witches and ghosts.

Suspend disbelief for these ‘anything can happen’ tales,

Where innocents get rescued and evil gets smote.


See you Monday 😉

What?  You don’t want to wait ’til Monday?  Well, I wasn’t going to tell you this but …. ok, The Wicked Witch’s Plan To Get Rid Of Everyone was originally published with sinister black and white illustrations by the author and with the title The Wicked Wicked Witch and the Ruinous Manipulation – funnily enough it’s the story referred to in the video I showed you yesterday.  Anyway, if you like it dark and sinister and don’t want to wait for Beatrice’s colourful version, you can read the story now at Maud’s place:  https://thewickedwickedwitchandtheruinousmanipulation.wordpress.com/

Have fun! 😮

Giveaway Number 3: What’s Good For The Goose Is Not Good For The Panda

children's book

Our third Honestly Books giveaway is the unique What’s Good For The Goose Is Not Good For The Panda by Lavender Laine.

You can read our review of it here, but basically it follows the classic children’s story model in which the protagonist (Patty the panda) goes on a journey to find out about herself by trial and error.

It’s told completely in rhyme which is charming and the illustrations and text are all done in collage which is so different and fun and shows children that they can make art out of anything and encourages recycling.

The moral of the story is that we are all different and that what’s good for one is not necessarily good for another. This is undoubtedly why Laine dedicates the book to the Safer Medicines Trust which campaigns for an end to animal experiments on the grounds that all species are different and therefore results from animal tests cannot be relied upon for human medicines.

So if you’d like your own copy of this book just comment on this post to enter Friday’s prize draw. We will announce the winner on Friday morning.  Good luck 😀

On the train

Yesterday we took a train ride to the seaside!

Just leaving the station...

Just leaving the station…


Through the fields we go!


Over the hills…

1111 (3)

Have a little sit down…

Can you see Reflecto Girl?

Can you see Reflecto Girl?


Flying high above the houses! 😀


And even more houses…


Rows and rows of houses. And a crane in the distance!


Stopped in a station to collect more passengers…

Here we are!

Here we are!

And here we are in Brighton Station.  Please mind the gap between the train and the platform. 😀

What they don’t tell you at school about Albert Einstein


Albert EinsteinAnd ….

  • He produced perhaps one of the most famous equations ever: E = mc² (energy equals mass multiplied by the speed of light squared).
  • Einstein won the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on theoretical physics.
  • He worked on many other influential theories and projects including: the deflection of light by gravity, the quantum theory of atomic motion in solids, Brownian motion, an explanation for capillary action and much more.

What they don’t often tell you is that towards the end of his life:

Albert Einstein

Albert EinsteinGenius! 🙂

If animals spoke our language

Eve with Minnie the house marten

Animals speak to us in their own way,
but if they spoke with words, what would they say?
One thing I declare, without ANY doubt:
All creatures in cages would say ‘Let me out!’

‘Watch my eyes follow your every motion’
A dog would say, ‘my life speaks of devotion’.
A horse would say, ‘A fire burns deep within me
that yearns to run through the countryside, free!’

One way we can improve the human race
is to respect those of a different face.
We need to listen in a whole new way
to what animals are trying to say.

Excerpt from If animals spoke our language by the Vegan Poet

Vegan Doll

vegan doll

My sister has a vegan doll who has bright orange hair.

My sister said her vegan doll is prob’ly very rare.

She said there can’t be many dolls who simply couldn’t bear

To attend a tea party if there is cow’s milk there.


“I have to say, I understand,” my sister said to Mum,

“Why Rosa doll won’t eat an egg out of a chicken’s bum.

‘Thou shalt not kill’ said Reverend John, not ‘thou shalt not kill people‘.

Isn’t it right to be kind when we can? Shouldn’t that be our rule of thumb?”


My sister smiled at Rosa, her red-haired vegan dolly,

“I’m going to do what you do, so are Mum and Dad and Molly.

And all of my dolls will be vegan now so tea parties won’t exclude you,

The tea will only have oat milk in and there’ll be vegan cake on the trolley.”

Reflecto Girl gets her own page!

Reflecto Girl episode 1

Reflecto Girl #1 now has it’s own page.  We have decided to divide our comic Jasmine into its 3 separate stories so that in future you can go straight to the story (or episode) you want to read.  New paint jobs for some of the early stories are under way but as soon as they’re complete they’ll be posted on their own pages.  Click on the picture if you want to read Reflecto Girl #1.  This is just the beginning 🙂

Edmund’s Lunch – New and Improved – Coming Soon!

new Edmund's LunchEdmund’s Lunch is following hot on the heels of “I’m not dinner!” and is currently being revamped.  That means that in a couple of days you’ll be able to get Edmund’s Lunch on your Kindle!  But that’s not all – the new and improved versions of “I’m not dinner!” and Edmund’s Lunch will soon replace the old ones on this site too so everyone can enjoy the new paint job!  Gotta run, see ya soon 🙂