What Me And Jude Did …… Chapter 3 starts here!

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Monday 2 December

We went to town for a shopping exercise this morning.  Mum gave Jude and me ten pounds each and a shopping list each, and then we had to buy everything on the list for less than ten pounds and get the best value for money.  Mum said we did very well.

It was so fun to play at shopping! It was hard as well, because you have to do maths to work out which tin of beans or which box of pasta is best value for money.

You have to compare the prices, but you also have to compare how much is in the boxes, and if it’s different then you need to divide the cost by the quantity, so that you know how much money one gram costs.

I really like going to the shop we did the exercise in, it’s a giant health food shop, big enough to push a trolley round, called Daily Bread and it has lots of food you can’t get in the ordinary supermarket. You can buy dried apple rings and big bags of peanuts and vegan ice cream and banana chips. And you can buy special organic beans which taste better than ordinary beans because they have oregano and things in them.

It’s a long walk out of town, and once we were allowed to choose a big bar of chocolate each and I ate my whole one hundred gram bar on the walk back.  We didn’t do that today though, we took a packed lunch with us and had a picnic while we waited for the bus.

We watched The Simpsons at six o’clock, and ate some of the nice things we got from Daily Bread. I ate apple rings and Jude sat in the big wicker chair and ate a lot of salted peanuts.

Fruit is a lot more fun when it’s dried out. Apple rings, banana chips, raisins, pineapple, mango, papaya. They are perfect for nibbling on. They’re just like sweets.

Tuesday 3 December

I had times tables tests this morning, and then we read Wuthering Heights together. I don’t like Catherine at all, she’s moody and spoilt. I don’t know why everyone is falling in love with her. I suppose they lived in the middle of nowhere, so there was nobody else for them to fall in love with.

After lunch we made treasure maps. We drew imaginary island maps with “X marks the spot” for where the treasure would be, and then we used teabags to dye our paper brown and we baked it in the oven!

A few years ago me and Jude did bury treasure in the back garden. We dug a big hole under the cherry tree with the red leaves, and we buried all our pennies. After a few months we dug them up and spent them on sweets at the corner shop. I could tell the shop keeper thought it was strange that we had money covered in soil, but he didn’t say anything.

Wednesday 4 December

In the morning we read Little Town on the Prairie and then learned some more about Boudicca. That was the final chapter in our book about Boudicca.  Nobody knows when she died or where she was buried, but they think she survived the final battle her people had with the Romans.We have started a new project for science about gardening. We read from books about plants and soil, and wrote things down in our exercise books. After that we went outside and dug a vegetable patch in the lawn. The ground is really frozen in the garden so it is really hard to dig at all. It’s cold outside so we wore our hats and gloves. We also turned over the compost heap and put some of the compost to mix into the vegetable patch.

We had to hand in our essays about chapter seven of David Copperfield. Mum says they are both very good essays. I used lots of quotes and I didn’t say anything in the conclusion that I hadn’t said in the middle. My essay was about David’s friendships with Steerforth and Traddles.

When Dad got home from work we all had ginger cake.


Chapter 3 continues next Monday 🙂


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  1. I have cut meats out completely. Salmon and tuna. I guess I now have a close association to bears. I do sleep or hibernate through the night. Meats kill what eats meat. The caveman eat plants. Rarely did he eat dinosaurs. He and she did not live at the same time.

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