Plastic Avoidance: Part 5

Other things for cleanliness

It’s not difficult to buy recycled toilet roll and kitchen roll, but getting it without plastic wrapping is impossible.  Or so I thought until I opened a wonderful Christmas gift from Miranda – toilet rolls: 100% recycled paper wrapped in nothing but 100% recycled paper!  (She discovered them thanks to a post by The World According To Plumes

“Toilet roll so soft it’ll make your bottom smile” is the slogan of who gives a crap, a wonderful organisation which donates half of its profits to help build toilets for people who don’t have them  (that’s about 40% of the world’s population).

They might seem, at first glance, rather more expensive than what you can get at the supermarket but there is actually very little in it.  You see the rolls are double length (we have noticed a roll lasts twice as long in our bathroom than the ones from Waitrose) and the people at who gives a crap have already done the maths for you: a box of 48 double length rolls costs £36 which is 18.8p per 100 sheets.  Compare that to Waitrose who say their recycled toilet tissue costs 16.9p per 100 sheets.

See?  Not much in it.  And just think what you get for your money: a clear environmental conscience and a warm glow derived from the knowledge that you’re helping people build much-needed toilets.

Each roll is beautifully wrapped in decorative recycled paper which you can save and re-use as wrapping paper.  It really is gorgeous 😀

So what are you waiting for?  Get over to who gives a crap and satisfy all your toilet roll and kitchen roll needs.  Initiate a regular order (every 8 or 12 weeks) to get £5 off, and shipping is free in the UK if you spend over £20.


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21 thoughts on “Plastic Avoidance: Part 5

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  2. I think this is a wonderful post that may help a lot of people. In our yoga studio we have a Sani-Plus toilet system that macerates and pumps up so using Soft and Fluffy toilet paper will cause incredible problems – I know because someone flushed a tissue once….good times……anyway we only buy the really thin safe for septic systems stuff like “Scott” or the generic brand equivalent in singles < $1 per roll here in the States. No plastic wrapping and generally sourced responsibly. You can buy 7th Generation or another more environmentally friendly brand name in singles as well at your Co-Ops but you'll spend twice as much. We don't use paper towels at all – instead cloth towels and cloth napkins. We're a family of four and getting as close to zero waste as we can is really important to us as is our grocery bill. Striking that balance sometimes means making concessions around things like toilet paper – no plastic but might not be recycled. Peace.

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