Meet the Family

knitted model bus

Old Red is fully furnished and ready to be enjoyed by the Andersons – so where are they?  Where are the Andersons?  Oh look, here they are:

knitted model bus

Miranda knitted Aiden and Cara and Casey and Brietta, and it didn’t take her long.

She got the pattern from where it is free to download.  It’s a Goldilocks finger puppet by Amanda Berry which, at 7cm tall, is just the right size but, since we didn’t want finger puppets, Miranda stuffed the skirt, and sewed up the middle of it to make trousers for the boys, adjusted their heights and gave them the appropriate hair etc (including a beard for Aiden) and there you have it – The English Family Anderson, all ready to live happily ever after in their bus 😀

knitted dolls

knitted dolls

Now, where’s Denzel? 😉


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18 thoughts on “Meet the Family

  1. Yay!!!! That is a great post! I love looking in the windows at their lovely home! You’re all set now to play house all winter! To play bus, I should say 🙂 We have got a long list of things we want to do from this site over the Christmas season! Hopefully we can make a bus and a family Anderson too 🙂
    Thank you for sharing your amazing creation! You must be so happy 😀

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  2. This is superb! I think the bus is incredible, it’s great to have an entirely knitted bus! The people are great too because they add scale, which makes the bus look really big! Our favourite picture is the picture of them standing in front of the bus.


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