Come with us if you want to live.

We do our best to inspire people towards veganism but are very careful not to push too hard.  We don’t want to frighten people away so we take the gently, gently approach with stories and colourful pictures and poems.

But after watching Cowspiracy in full yesterday I realise there isn’t actually time to do it gently.

If this planet and all its inhabitants have any chance of survival, the entire human population must make the transition to veganism NOW.  And when I say transition I don’t mean gradually, one meat-free day a week.  I mean now.  I mean overnight.  There’s no more time for gently gently.  Everyone needs to know about the urgency; about the crisis we are in.

World leaders and leading charities have shamefully kept quiet about the devastation caused by animal agriculture.  The destruction of the rainforests, the dead zones in the oceans, the pollution of the rivers; the greenhouse gases, land degradation, soil erosion, human starvation, species extinction – all caused by animal agriculture.  They distract people with worrying about CO2; encourage them to drive and fly less and use low-energy light bulbs.  But CO2 is a minor problem compared to the huge huge one caused by animal farming.

Why do you think they keep quiet about that?

It’s not a human’s right to choose to eat meat, eggs and dairy.  No one should be allowed to choose something that is so harmful – so completely devastating – to everyone and everything else.  They made it illegal to smoke inside in public places because second hand smoke is harmful to others.  Animal agriculture is a billion times more harmful, and not just to others in the immediate vicinity.

And it could be stopped.  Without legislation.  Without waiting for the slow machine of politics to get around to it (which it won’t).  It could be stopped by us.  By all of us, ordinary people,  just refusing to buy its products.

Tell the world, tell everyone you know that they can have their cars and their holidays abroad.  They don’t have to cycle anywhere if they don’t want to.  They just need to go vegan.  It’s the only way.  And it needs to happen now.  It isn’t hard.  It’s actually very pleasant.

Watch Cowspiracy (it’s on Netflix and if you don’t subscribe to Netflix you can sign up for a month’s free trial to watch it.)  The trailer’s great but you need to watch the whole thing.  Everyone does.  Please watch it.  Thank you.

Come with us if you want to live.

36 thoughts on “Come with us if you want to live.

  1. This raises several questions – has evolution gone wrong in promoting a diet that includes animal products? why should we ask only humans to stop eating animal products; what about tigers and sharks who also consume animal products? Or are you saying that in order to feed humans, we have evolved artificial methods of creating food which is harmful? If humans merely compete for naturally available animal food, it would be OK?

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    • It’s animal agriculture that goes against nature. Natural carnivores and omnivores – those animals with the teeth and stomach and agility to catch and kill and digest their wild prey without tools or weapons or fire – are not going against nature. Humans, as common sense tells us, are natural plant eaters and plant based diets are what keeps us and the planet healthy. Do watch the Cowspiracy documentary Ankur, it is brilliant (you can watch it for free on Netflix if you sign up for a one month free trial) and it explains everything really well. Thanks for your comment 🙂

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  2. If the demand is there, big business will provide. There needs to be enough people to shift demand. Also, there are plenty of people who know and still choose not to do anything. Hard fast traditions, habits, macho mentality and plain denial keep it all going. What would people eat at thanksgiving? America is know for its burgers and pizza. Values have to be revolutionized entirely. It’s not impossible, it’s been done before in other areas, but it’s not without pain, persecution and a lot of courage.

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    • Yes indeed. But I find it very hard to comprehend their attitude. Selfishness is one thing but when you know the whole world is in jeopardy, including your own patch of it, why would you continue with the damaging behaviour? No amount of money could compensate for that. It’s mad.


  3. Reblogged this on secondhalfwoman and commented:
    Many of you know that I am a vegan. I haven’t watched this yet, but hope to find it and watch it soon. I became a vegetarian, now vegan in college almost 40 years ago. Some of the issues shown here are the reason. I sensed back the, as a kid, there were bad consequences with raising and eating meat/chicken/seafood. Now the problem is upon us. I’m not usually very political, but I know many of my followers are informed and interesting people, so I figured I would share.

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  4. This is so true. There is an urgency that cannot be ignored. We all have a personal responsibility to stop the brutality and the destruction. Making the break to veganism was hard for me…. because of the antagonism I received from family and friends (which is usually due to their own discomfort about not facing up to the issues themselves) …but it gets easier and better every day. Each one of us just has to make the break. x

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    • That’s the really weird thing though – in this country we’ve got animal farmers struggling to make ends meet and they are heavily subsidised by tax payers. So meat production is costing the government. They can’t be making big money out of it because it’s made so cheap for the consumer. So there must be more to it. Someone else must be making something out of it indirectly – like maybe pharmaceutical companies making sure they keep people sick by keeping them on animal protein? What do you think?

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  5. Animal agriculture is a major cause of rising CO2 levels, leading to rising global temperature and changes to climate. That’s why we need to stop it, along with burning coal. I’m amazed when some people blame vegans eating soy for rainforest devastation – they just don’t realise that all that is to feed unfortunate cows in feedlots for their hamburgers. There are a lot more feedlot cattle than vegans, I suspect. Reverse that and maybe we’ll ALL live!☺

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  6. You’re so right – this is URGENT!!! Veganism does seem to be getting a lot of exposure now, more than ever before. I’m trying not to think it’s all too little, too late. We’ve just got to keep on doing our bit to raise awareness in every way we can xx

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  7. Well done. I posted about this too because it’s so urgent. I always want to the “be the vegan I wish I met before I was vegan,” but I’m panicking. The time is now. How do we encourage gracefully and urgently? Let’s keep posting. Keep informing.

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  8. As you rightly say Violet- we all need to be Vegan now. Its a wake up call- time is not on our side- So scary how powerful and controlling these industries are. Profit and greed at the forefront of so much suffering – so heartbreaking but vital to watch . We cannot look back and say we didn’t know…. Thanks for sharing…xxx

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