No Milk Please!

Being diabetic myself, I was very interested many years ago when I read that, through clinical observation at a children’s hospital in Canada (in the 1980s I think it was), they had discovered that type 1 diabetes is actually caused by an immune reaction to dairy milk protein because the immune system mistakes cells of the pancreas for milk protein and attacks them.  I was surprised, since this had been discovered some years before my diagnosis, that I had never been told about it by any of my diabetic specialist doctors and nurses.  In fact, in the 1990s, my GP pleaded with me to give my baby dairy foods after I became vegan because he said “babies need dairy for at least their first five years”!  And even today the UK charity that gives advice for diabetics, Diabetes UK, does not advise avoiding dairy – it’s included in their suggested meal plans!  I actually wrote to them about that and they said, “oh, thank you for telling us,” but of course nothing changed.

Anyway, the following is a brilliant short video by a doctor who really knows what he’s talking about, and he explains really well how dairy causes diabetes.  Well worth a watch if you’ve got a spare 8 minutes 🙂

11 thoughts on “No Milk Please!

  1. Interesting. When my oldest was first transitioning of of breast milk, he was sensitive to dairy, so we did a combination of almond milk and coconut milk. Now, both of my kids drink so much cow milk, I am about to invest in a cow. I personally don’t care for it at all and only drink almond milk.


  2. Thank you for sharing such invaluable information Violet. I have rheumatoid arthritis, diagnosed a long time ago in my Omni days. Nothing was ever mentioned about nutrition other than to put you on the standard protocol drugs that do nothing for the actual disease but control the symptoms while the debilitating disease continues to progress . I was commenced on the very costly anti TNF treatment and was told I would need to continue this to prevent further deterioration. That was several years ago now- I became vegan ( and an expert in nutrition -ha!ha! ) made the decision to stop all of my treatment( much to the dismay of the health professionals). My recent x-rays have shown no further deterioration but the link to this and my own intervention has sadly been ignored. I have even managed to raise twin boys! No drugs , just a wonderful plant based diet and lots of juicing 🙂 For a/immune diseases, please look up the Paddison therapy- Clive Paddison is the Australian Rheumatoid ambassador- you will be amazed at the effect a plant based diet had on his RA and some brilliant podcasts you can listen to.

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  3. Great great post. As an osteopath, master in aromatherapy with also training in nutrition…I began to avoid dairy products for myself 30 years ago ( just because cow’s milk is for baby cows…;) I advised many mothers of babies coming to consult me to stop dairy products for children with asthma issues…bronchitis or chronic rhino pharyngitis …with GREAT success…I applied my advises to my own daughters…dairy products where never totally forbidden, just never bought or pushed them to have their milk ratio….with a well balanced diet ( nuts and legumes) no need of milk’s calcium to grow…( my oldest daughter is 6,1 and my youngest is 5.11) . My oldest daughter began to eat more dairy, cheese aso…in College….and began a thyroid auto immune issue…solved without chemicals…just by appropriate diet… All that to say….dairy is the cause of many auto immune diseases… Or at least could be eased by avoiding milk… Thank you for sharing 😉

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