Ode to Spike Milligan

1 Spike and me

Silly Verse FOR KIDS by Spike Milligan was one of my favourites as a child (I saved up for it with my pocket money and bought it from the village shop) and I still love it.  So I decided to make something similar, full of funny, quirky poems: HUMANS ARE NOT OMNIVORES [poems your teacher might not like] (I decided not to beat around the bush with the title!)

Spike Milligan was a brilliantly irreverent vegetarian comedian and author who died in 2002 at the age of 83.  He campaigned against factory farming and vivisection and was once thrown out of Harrods for trying to stuff 28lb of spaghetti down the mouth of the food hall manager because they sold pate de foie gras.

“I told him it might give him some idea of how a goose feels being force-fed maize” he said.

children's poems

I modelled our new book on his, making it the same size and the same layout, so it’s only a little one – just 11cm x 18cm.

children's poems

children's poems

children's poems

children's poems

His is a Puffin book, published by Penguin.  Ours is a Little Chicken book, published by Violet’s Vegan Comics 😉

children's poems

And both are full of quirky, eccentric, funny poems for kids like ‘Mary Pugh’, above or a selection from Wacky Verse, examples below 😀

children's poems

children's poems

children's poems

children's poems

I hope Spike would have liked it.  I hope you like it too.

All you kids who are sick of being told at school that humans are omnivores – this one is for you! 😀 😀 😀

20 thoughts on “Ode to Spike Milligan

  1. I loved Spike and as a child and also read his stuff to my children. He was extremely silly, so of course incredibly serious also really (people said the same of Terry Pratchett). A great man!
    Do hope the book does well. Being polite is so over-rated!!! Love the controversial title.
    PS Do you have any hairy knees/legs in the book? His pictures were always a treat.


  2. Hi, Violet, this is fantastic, I really liked his work as well, and being both a poet and a story teller, used to slip a poem or two of his into story time, and the children loved it, and now there is your wonderful looking book, but now I am retired and no longer do story time. I think the book looks and sounds great, and if it gets out here I will buy it, I hope it will sell well for you, best wishes and blessings, Charles. PS. I think to try and spread the message I will re-blog it and share it, so as many people as possible can see it.

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