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We have a tie! The winners are Reflecto Girl #7 Incidental and The King’s Three Sons.

Reflecto Girl #7 Incidental!
The King's Three Sons
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Love Unity Voice

Check out the new vegan online magazine LUV4All – 25 fantastic articles from vegans around the world. There’s so much fascinating and inspiring stuff to read – I’m reading one article a day. Like this one: Nation Rising by Sheanne Moskaluk, about a Canadian campaigning group who are demanding their government stop subsidising animal farming and instead spend their tax dollars helping animal farmers to transition to crop farming.  You can watch a video of highlights of the protest speeches and interviews at Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada.

There’s an article by Katrina Fox about a new law in Missouri which bans the use of ‘meat’ terminology to describe any food products that haven’t come from a slaughtered animal.  It means that vegan brands could face imprisonment or a fine of up to $1,000 if they use words like ‘sausage’ or ‘hot dog’ on their packaging or describe their products as plant-based ‘meat’.  It’s absolutely crazy and of course is whole heartedly supported by the Missouri Cattlemen’s Association, because they want to ‘protect the integrity of their products’!!!!!!

Honestly, this mag has so much – you can read about activism, animal rescue, health, athletics, lifestyle, raising vegan kids, there’s even an article about Violet’s Vegan Comics 😉 It shares veganism from all walks of life, everyone playing to their strengths and being part of the solution.  This is only the second edition (the first came out in May this year) so if you don’t want to risk missing it in the future, make sure you subscribe in the top right hand corner of the Home Page 😀


Recommended Reading: FRUITS – A Caribbean counting poem

Fruits - a Caribbean counting poem

We love this book!

Fruits - a Caribbean counting poem

It’s so perfect!  Full of vibrant colour and light.

Fruits - a Caribbean counting poem

Valerie Bloom’s happy, funny poem is gorgeously illustrated by David Axtell.

Fruits - a Caribbean counting poem

Every page is full of delicious mischief and tasty, sweet, juicy fruit.

Fruits - a Caribbean counting poem

The rhyming story is told in the first person from the point of view of a delightfully naughty little girl who loves fruit and eats as much as she can get her hands on while teaching little sis how to get it without getting caught.

Fruits - a Caribbean counting poem

The written-in Caribbean accent naturally adds sunshine to the words and you really feel like you’re inside the head of big sis; which makes you as eager as she to taste all those juicy fruits.

Fruits - a Caribbean counting poem

I probably shouldn’t show any more, wouldn’t want to spoil the ending 😉 You really should get down to the library and borrow this wonderful book (or get your own copy) – especially if you’ve got a little one who’s learning to count.

Highly highly recommended 😀

Ode to Spike Milligan

1 Spike and me

Silly Verse FOR KIDS by Spike Milligan was one of my favourites as a child (I saved up for it with my pocket money and bought it from the village shop) and I still love it.  So I decided to make something similar, full of funny, quirky poems: HUMANS ARE NOT OMNIVORES [poems your teacher might not like] (I decided not to beat around the bush with the title!)

Spike Milligan was a brilliantly irreverent vegetarian comedian and author who died in 2002 at the age of 83.  He campaigned against factory farming and vivisection and was once thrown out of Harrods for trying to stuff 28lb of spaghetti down the mouth of the food hall manager because they sold pate de foie gras.

“I told him it might give him some idea of how a goose feels being force-fed maize” he said.

children's poems

I modelled our new book on his, making it the same size and the same layout, so it’s only a little one – just 11cm x 18cm.

children's poems

children's poems

children's poems

children's poems

His is a Puffin book, published by Penguin.  Ours is a Little Chicken book, published by Violet’s Vegan Comics 😉

children's poems

And both are full of quirky, eccentric, funny poems for kids like ‘Mary Pugh’, above or a selection from Wacky Verse, examples below 😀

children's poems

children's poems

children's poems

children's poems

I hope Spike would have liked it.  I hope you like it too.

All you kids who are sick of being told at school that humans are omnivores – this one is for you! 😀 😀 😀

Giveaway Number 4 Winner!

giveaway 4 winner

The fourth and final Honestly Books giveaway draw has taken place and the winner is B Mackela!  Congratulations Bill – you have been twice lucky 😀 and How many friends could a Bibbolybob make if a Bibbolybob came to Earth? [The Little Edition] by Edward Benn and Juliet Mahoney will be on its way to you very soon.

We hope you enjoy it 😀

So that’s it for the Honestly Books giveaways.  Thank you to everyone at Honestly Books for donating those to us, and to everyone who entered the draws.

We highly recommend Honestly Books to anyone looking for lovely books for children for Christmas and we hope our winners will thoroughly enjoy their prize[s] 😀

Recommended Reading: What’s Good For The Goose Is Not Good For The Panda

front (2) wgftgingftp

As soon as I saw this I just had to order a copy!  It’s made completely of collage!

back-to-front (2)

Lavender Laine has written and illustrated the whole book completely by cutting out bits from old magazines, wrapping paper, food packaging, yarn and buttons!  Talk about recycling! Even the copyright page is written in collage!

title-page (2)

Laine’s story is about a panda called Patty who has woken up hungry but doesn’t know what to eat.  She meets lots of people willing to share with her but finds that what they’re eating isn’t necessarily her cup of tea.

story-1 (2)

Each picture is made with different materials so they are all very different, and some are more abstract than others, which will encourage children to make art out of whatever they’ve got lying around.

story-2 (2)

The story is rhyming, with one verse per page, and every page is a feast for the eyes.  Children can read it slowly, or have it read to them, while they study the unusual images and try to work out what they are and what they’re made of.

story-3 (3)

You really feel like you could pick at the paper and peel off the layers – not that you would.  It just looks so tactile.

The story is absolutely lovely and can be enjoyed again and again.  It makes the point that we are all different, and what’s good for one might not necessarily be good for someone else.  No wonder it is dedicated to the Safer Medicines campaign 🙂

From Honestly Books.  Available on Amazon.

Recommended Reading: Wibbolywub and the Earthlings

How many friends could a Bibbolybob make if a Bibbolybob came to Earth?

Most enlightened people have become that way only after working hard to un-learn “facts” that they were taught as children, such as ‘humans are omnivores’.  That’s why it is so wonderful to find an early learning book which tells the truth.

How many friends could a Bibbolybob make if a Bibbolybob came to Earth?

How many friends could a Bibbolybob make if a Bibbolybob came to Earth? (aka Wibbolywub and the Earthlings ) is one such book by Edward Benn, illustrated by Juliet Mahoney.

How many friends could a Bibbolybob make if a Bibbolybob came to Earth?

This book is first and foremost an engaging story, full of bright, colourful illustrations, about an alien visitor to Earth who is eager to make friends.  It is secondly a lovely, friendly way to introduce the numbers 1 to 10 to young children.  Numbers (digits) appear throughout the illustrations as Wibbolywub counts his friends and the readers can count with him.  Once he has made ten friends, they play a few counting and measuring games which show how much fun numbers can be.

How many friends could a Bibbolybob make if a Bibbolybob came to Earth?

How many friends could a Bibbolybob make if a Bibbolybob came to Earth?

How many friends could a Bibbolybob make if a Bibbolybob came to Earth?

And thirdly it is an honest and straight-forward illustration of the simple truth that omnivores, carnivores and herbivores have recognisable anatomical attributes appropriate for their particular diet and, as an alien with no previous knowledge of Earthlings would clearly deduce, humans are herbivores.

How many friends could a Bibbolybob make if a Bibbolybob came to Earth?

There is even a fun post script at the end, in the form of a peak inside Wibbolywub’s notebook, which contains three of the charts (those with numbers in) from Dr Milton Mills’ The Comparative Anatomy of Eating – the work which inspired the story.

A lovely big book with a lovely big story that would delight any child and sit proudly on any bookshelf.

How many friends could a Bibbolybob make if a Bibbolybob came to Earth?

Published by Honestly Books

Available from Amazon

Recommended Reading: Frog’s Breathtaking Speech

frog 1

Frog’s Breathtaking Speech is a gorgeous book for children – and teachers, and parents – to help them cope with tension and stress.

frog 2

Michael Chissick is a children’s yoga teacher and Sarah Peacock is a primary school teacher and they have both found the frog’s story very useful when helping children to relax.

frog 3

This beautifully illustrated story is about a frog who is very sad because he is worried about a speech he has to give at school the next day.  When he explains this to his friends, they all tell him about their own special ways of breathing which release tension and anger and enable them to feel happy and relaxed.

frog 4

frog 5

frog 6

At the beginning of the book there is guidance for teachers on how best to use these techniques to help children and at the end there are simple instructions, accompanied by lovely illustrations, about the yoga postures which accompany each type of breathing.

frog 7

A lovely book.

You can buy it here 😀

Recommended Reading: Oliver’s Vegetables

Oliver's Vegetables

This is a brilliant short story by Vivian French with gorgeous, vibrant illustrations by Alison Bartlett.

Oliver's Vegetables

Basically, Oliver’s mum has the common problem of not being able to get Oliver to eat his vegetables.  The only one he will eat is potatoes, in the form of chips.

Oliver's Vegetables

But when he goes to stay with Grandpa and Grandma for a week, everything changes.

Oliver's Vegetables

Grandpa tells him he can have chips if he finds the potatoes in the garden, but while he’s searching, if he finds something else, he has to try it.

Oliver's Vegetables

Highly recommended bedtime (or any other time) reading which will make you hungry.

Borrow it from the library or get your own copy 😀

Recommended Reading: Hellen Hen

Hellen Hen

This is a truly beautiful little book for reading to small children by Maria Luisa Arenzana and Antonella Canavese.

Hellen Hen title page

It is full of surreal rhymes and stunning illustrations which convey a peaceful, loving message of compassion and empathy for animals, hens in particular.

Hellen Hen excerpt 1

Hellen Hen excerpt 2

I love the verse on the above page which reads

Our love

means something

which is nothing

in our hands

and it’s everything

in the world.

I took this to mean that it’s no good just to say we love animals and feel we love animals unless we put that love into practice in the world by living a compassionate life.

A truly beautiful, dreamy book which I’m sure would delight small children.  It’s available on Amazon and, if you want one, could be with you in a few short days 🙂

From caring comes wisdom

winnie the pooh and piglet by E H Shepard

“‘From caring comes courage.’  We might add that from it also comes wisdom.  It’s rather significant, we think, that those who have no compassion have no wisdom.  Knowledge, yes; cleverness, maybe; wisdom, no.  A clever mind is not a heart.  Knowledge doesn’t really care.  Wisdom does.  We also consider it significant that cor, the Latin word for “heart”, is the basis for the word courage.  Piglet put it this way: ‘She isn’t Clever, Kanga isn’t, but she would be so anxious about Roo that she would do a Good Thing to Do without thinking about it.'”

Benjamin Hoff

The Tao of Pooh

Page 128

The Tao of Pooh

The Princess Who Liked To Be in paperback

The Princess Who Liked To Be Popular

We are delighted to add The Princess Who Liked To Be Popular to our collection of printed books available on Amazon

vegan fairy tale

vegan fairy tale

vegan fairy tale

It’s big and colourful – we’re really pleased with how it’s turned out – and everyone we’ve shown it to really likes it 😉

vegan fairy tale

Though some are not quite as enthusiastic as others:

sharing Princess Primrose

Well Fed Not An Animal Dead

Well Fed Not an Animal Dead

Click on the pic to enlarge and read

 I bought this little book about 4 or 5 years ago at VegFest in Hove and it is the best, most useful little book I’ve got.  You can see from how grubby my copy is that it has been well used!  It’s only 50 pages long and has everything from vegan lifestyle tips, to recipes, to how to grow your own food and brew your own booze.  It also lists vegan sources of essential nutrients (as you can see above), contains advice for mothers and infants and includes addresses of many other vegan resources.  Whether you’re an experienced vegan or just embarking on this journey, this book will definitely be a valuable addition to your reading material.  [Sadly this book is now out of print but maybe the people at Spiralseed, who made it, might have something else just as good].

Well Fed Not an Animal Dead

Click on the pic to enlarge and read

Well Fed Not an Animal Dead

Click on the pic to enlarge and read

Above is one of my favourite recipes – Lentil Pie – absolutely delicious!  I make the pastry with organic spelt to avoid the unpleasant side effects triggered by modern wheat which has been so manipulated since the middle of last century that it bears little resemblance to its natural ancestor and causes negative health affects on the bodies of many people.  We’ve found through trial and error that the ancient relative of wheat, spelt, does not cause the headaches, heartburn or back-pain triggered in us by wheat.  Which is great news because now we can have our cake and eat it!

Well Fed Not an Animal Dead

Click the pic to enlarge and read

And the recipe above is a great favourite with all the family – Lentil Burgers – or as they call them here, The Big Anti-Mac!  These are so utterly delicious you’ll really feel like you’re indulging in naughty fast food but it’s full of nothing but good stuff.  This recipe makes about 12 burgers for us which means we freeze most of them for several quick, healthy, delicious meals in the future.  They can also be baked instead of fried and are just as scrummy! See here

Well Fed Not an Animal Dead

Click to enlarge and read

Last but absolutely not least, I wanted to share with you the simplest, most delicious cake recipe I’ve ever found.  Again we make it with spelt (this time with baking powder added to make it rise).  The cupcake/muffin recipe can be adapted to make one large cake by cooking it slightly cooler for slightly longer than the several small cakes.  You can add chocolate chips and/or cocoa to make a chocolate version.  Whatever you like.  Just use the recipe as a basic template.  Mind you, the recipe is perfect just the way it is anyway.  My husband especially loves these and always wants me to make more when he’s finishing his last one.

I just love this book and I think you’ll love it too 🙂