Pendennis Castle


I never got around to telling you about our visit to Pendennis Castle when we went to Cornwall last year.  I have mixed feelings about castles.  On the one hand I love the feeling of history, picturing how people used to live at the time the castle was built.  I feel amazed at the architecture and how such big, strong, heavy, impressively crafted structures got built in the days before motor vehicles and cranes.




Pendennis Castle

On the other hand I recoil at the violence they remind me of – the dungeons, the canons, the holes in walls for shooting arrows through and holes above the gates for pouring boiling oil through.


Pendennis castle

But at Pendennis Castle at least there is one thing I’m not in two minds about – the cake!


Here there was not just one, but two different types of vegan cake!  The lemon cake you see above and the flapjack pictured below.  I eat a lot of flapjacks and I can honestly tell you that this was the best I’ve ever eaten!


Of course we told the cook how much we loved it and how pleased we were that there were vegan options on the menu and the lovely lady said that they always make sure there is something for every dietary requirement and she invited us to return to the cafe for lunch as she was making a delicious vegan soup.

Hurrah for English Heritage!  Very well done 😀

Oh, and the views are pretty nice too 😉

Pendennis Castle

Pendennis Castle

Pendennis Castle

18 thoughts on “Pendennis Castle

  1. You know where the good cakes are – often you make them yourself. Perhaps I shall come and live in your back yard, like a bird, and you can feed me cake.

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  2. Violet! I visited it too in 2012 and never new they had vegan cake *~* how awesome 🙂
    (I share your feelings about castles – especially pendennis castle with the huge artillery areal was impressive on the one hand but made me feel uncomfortable on the other one)


  3. I have a little interest in castles, but I have a lot of interest in Ecclesiastical Architecture – mainly Medieval Abbeys and Priories. Before we left Scotland I took my children on a last tour of Scotland and visited as many as the ancient abbeys and priories that I could think of – from Kelso and Sweetheart in the south to Dornoch Cathedral in the North. However, we also took in Edinburgh and Stirling Castles. Although very young at the time, the boys still remember that trip – which had its aftermath when we arrived in Australia – which I’ll write about sometime :o)


  4. Aww I loved this post! The pictures are so nice! The ones of the bed and the cake are my favourites.
    I know what you mean, I get that exact same feeling in castles. The last one I was in was Cardiff Castle. I managed to get distracted by the beautiful art and furniture but when I got up to the tower it made me think of all the blood poured the violence experienced by men. Also, the windy spots don’t just make me feel chilly, but also shiver with dread of what it would have been like to be there! x


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