Celebrate The Loving Hut and life in general

The Loving Hut in Brighton celebrated its 4th anniversary at the weekend and we were there!

Loving Hut Brighton 4th anniversary5

Loving Hut Brighton 4th anniversary6

Loving Hut Brighton 4th anniversary6

Before the festivities got under way, some people competed in a show of strength and stamina.  Who will be the last left standing?

show of strength 1

show of strength 2

show of strength 3Then there were only 2 …

show of strength the winnerAnd we have a winner!!!!

Then came the Lion Dance (a form of traditional dance in Chinese and other Asian countries, in which performers mimic a lion’s movements in a lion costume – so says Wikipedia.) There were 2 teams – from Brighton, in red, and from Crawley (including some of the Loving Hut staff) in white.

Lion Dance Brighton team

Lion Dance Crawley team

Loving Hut Brighton 4th anniversary

Loving Hut Brighton 4th anniversary3

Loving Hut Brighton 4th anniversary2

Loving Hut Brighton 4th anniversary4

And of course, in spite of the fact that we are now raw most of the time, how could we not enter into the spirit of things?  We had Loving Hut Burger and chips, chik’n burger and chips and Peking style with rice. Yum!

vegan burger and chips

vegan Peking style

Fantastic food! Fantastic place! Fantastic people!

Loving Hut Brighton, life-affirming vegan cafe, – Long May You Continue 🙂

Oh, and as we set off for home, sadly sooner than we would have liked, we couldn’t help noticing some of the participants of the Brighton Naked Bike Ride, celebrating life in their own way. (Look away now if you’re bashful)

Brighton Level pre naked bike ride 2014

16 thoughts on “Celebrate The Loving Hut and life in general

  1. I recently got back from a trip to Taiwan. Before my husband and I left we looked up vegetarian/vegan restaurants in Taipei and The Loving Hut popped up in every search result. Unfortunately we didn’t get the chance to eat there (the abundance of vegan food in Taiwan was unbelievable!), but I’m excited to find out (thanks to your post) that The Loving Hut has locations all over the world!! I look forward to eating there soon!! xx


    • That sounds wonderful – I’m just trying to imagine being somewhere where vegan food is so commonplace. I’m glad you had such a good time there and hope it won’t be long before you get to try out the Loving Hut 🙂


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