Answerin’ Back

Luke Walker - vegan comic for childrenShe said

“Do as you’re told

So that as you grow old-

-er, you’ll learn how to be a success.”


I said

“What’s that to me

If there’s no bumble bee

And the world’s all polluted wiv mess?”


She said

“Be quiet and sit still

Or you certainly will

Be punished and I’ll send home a letter!”

Β ****

“Don’t answer back,

Good manners you lack,

You should know that your teacher knows better.”


I said

“That’s not always true,

I mean, wasn’t it you

Who told me people were s’posed to eat meat?”


“Now that can’t be right,

We don’t have sharp enuf bite,

To kill a animal for us to eat.”


“So if it’s alright wiv you,

I think I’ll just have to,

Answer back when I think of a question.”


“Like Tuvok I won’t

Nod my head when I don’t

Agree wiv a nillogical lesson!”

Be like Luke – think for yourself and never stop asking questions πŸ™‚

10 thoughts on “Answerin’ Back

  1. Luke is a smart boy : ) A line of the poem reminded me of the massive bee die off that is occuring in the world. If we don’t get that sorted out, we’ll be in big trouble with our food supply.


  2. People often say “well this is how we ate when we were cave men”. But… We also lived outside, couldn’t talk, and performed human ritual sacrifice… So, it’s not a statement which effects my will to not eat meat.


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