12 thoughts on “Maddicts Prologue

  1. I consider myself a part vegan part omnivore. Sometimes I eat vegan-like-foods, sometimes I eat meat. My family is an all omnivore family, so it’s hard to eat like a vegan though. I was inspired to eat like a vegan because of you, the author of this blog(sorry, don’t know your name). I didn’t know vegan-like-foods were so damn good:)respond as soon as you can:)

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  2. To be honest I am a limited meat eater, usually pig, I have worked in a Butchers and lived next door to a slaughter house back in the ’70’s. But also I am “Pagan”, Shaman Based, I wear a leather jacket, and I really like moo juice in my tea, which makes the tea healthier according to science.
    But I totally agree with what you are saying here, as well as loving the artwork. I use to grow some of my own veg, but as I told a vegan friend, it all depends on how far you want to go. But yes, some people eat way too much meat, and some eat too much dairy. My life would be better if I had a cow but they way they treat animals and the way they force the fruit and veg to yeald more and more per plant and do not even get me started on GM. But rant over and keep up the great work, but sadly unless we have a major overhaul of both farmers and politics throughout the world there will never be a change, purely because of the mighty dollar.


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