Maddicts Part I

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07:21 HRS Berkodd Mildews Turkey Farm, Norfolk, UK.

Matthew Gilt, John Mallis and Ed Crewel arrive at work.

10:13 HRS Ball’s Pig Farm, Cambridgeshire, UK
Mother and son, Kevin and Mary Ruth, protest outside.

14:13 HRS Offal Inc. abattoir, Hampshire UK
Activists protest against perceived cruelty

16:01 HRS driver Ian Stooge arrives with lambs and ewes for slaughter.


16 March 2027 British Brain Foundation (registered charity) releases latest pamphlet detailing their research into cures for human dementia.

16:42 HRS Ixford University labs, UK.
Lab tech Vicky Crass collects mice for analysis

16 March 2027 Professor Miriam Goode’s website goes largely unnoticed.

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vegan graphic novel

Maddicts was remade with Comic Life by Plasq

vegan graphic novel, vegan comic, vegan fiction, animal rights graphic novel

11 thoughts on “Maddicts Part I

  1. This is a great way to impress upon people what animals go through. Many can’t face reading newspaper articles with actual photographs. I think this could work!

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