Maddicts Part IV

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22 March 2027 10:17 HRS
Operator Assistance Centre, London, UK

Kent Constabulary Head Quarters
Chief Constable’s office 18:27 HRS

116 Vancouver Drive, Edmonton, Canada
17:47 MDT 22 March 2027 (00:47 GMT 23 March)

Data Analysis Office, Defence House, Wellington, New Zealand. Colin Bains argues with his superior.
13:15 NZDT (02:15 GMT) 23 March 2027

13:19 NZDT

Crabbit Farm, Badlieu, Scottish Borders
08:41 HRS

The story concludes in the Denouement.


Maddicts was remade with Comic Life by Plasq

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vegan graphic novel

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4 thoughts on “Maddicts Part IV

  1. I really like your people in offices and on phones, especially the data analyst with the spotted tie, I love the way he’s rubbing his nose. He really looks like he has had enough for one day – stampedes, cannibals, bureaucrats – it’s time to jump ship. Into the pillow fort with the chocolate. 🙂

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