Luna’s Voice by Jania Williams

Jania contacted me recently and asked if we would share her vegan children’s book about a little girl with selective mutism.

vegan children's book

With beautiful illustrations by Olin Tri Djasfar, this delightful little rhyming story explains how hard it is for Luna to talk to people outside her own family. Except cows. She feels relaxed and happy, talking to cows.

vegan children's book

But when she witnesses the heart-breaking scene of a baby being wrenched from his mother, she determines to find the courage to speak out and tell all her friends about the horror of the dairy industry.

vegan children's story

This is such a beautiful story of empathy and courage which shows that, with kindness, everybody wins.

Luna’s Voice is available in paperback on Amazon but you can also read it for free right here πŸ˜€

8 thoughts on “Luna’s Voice by Jania Williams

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  2. This seems to be a must-read, especially for children battling conflicting thoughts about the dairy/meat industry.
    The story seems to have a unique concept, and I shall recommend it to my younger friends.
    Thanks for sharing this, Violet πŸ˜€

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