Thoughtful Thursdays, Guest Post by Violet’s Vegan Comics, and Empathy-Building

Here is a guest post I wrote in support of Shira Dest’s Project Do Better. My mental capacity is not equal to Shira’s so I find it a lot to take in and have to absorb it slowly. What I do know is this: whatever our abilities, we all have things we can contribute to Shira’s plan. Please do whatever you do well to make the world a safe place for children and animals.

Context, Critical Thinking, Continuous Learning: Project Do Better

How do we build empathy?

This is the fundamental pillar of Project Do Better.  I asked Violet for her thoughts on this topic, and about her children’s books: Violet’s Vegan Comics.  She was kind enough to share these thoughts:

Project Do Better

Shira Dest is an ambitious woman and she has an ambitious plan.  Some might say an over-ambitious plan.  Some might call it impossible.  But why should it be impossible?  Because most people are uncaring?  No.  Most people care.  Most people would prevent the suffering of a child if they could.  So what’s the problem?  Why aren’t all children safe?  The problem is a society and education system that conditions children to turn a blind eye to the suffering of other animals.

The moral code by which “good” people raise their children is inconsistent.  Its contradictions require that children are taught to apply the rules selectively…

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